Monday, April 12, 2010

WHO SHALL WE SURROUND OURSELVES WITH? People of the flesh or spirit?

John 3:1-8
"That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit."

The closer I walk with Christ and see Heaven among us, the harder time I have in surrounding myself with people of the flesh. My life is so devoted to the Lord daily and walking in His ways that when I get around women of the flesh, I am very unpeaceful. Women who are living for the ways of the world and not for the things above make me personally feel belittled. Thankfully they make me feel not insecure, but more secure in my decisions. I couldn't put my finger on it this morning why I am haunted by this situation, but I feel in the rosary this morning as I meditated on the joyful mysteries (the annunciation, the visitation, the birth of christ, the presentation, and the finding of Jesus in the temple), I pictured Mary in her lifetime hanging out with the women of the flesh of her time. Although I am sure she steered clear of those kind of women, I can only imagine how belitted and crazy they would have made her feel. I can just picture her in a fancy castle with women drinking wine, looking perfect and talking about their riches and successes how out of place she would have been.
As I thought of the Magnificat, when Mary visited Elizabeth and praised God by saying...."My soul magnifies the Lord.....Holy is His name!". They were both filled with comfort and love because they walked the same path. Their lives were dedicated to living for God's kingdom.

I know we are suppose to bring others to Christ through our actions. We are to love everyone, although as different as we may all be. However, we have to be true to our soul and not continue to put ourselves in situations that do not lift us up and help us grow in self respect and love for the Lord. The problem with being around people who live for the world, is their way is the best way in their eyes and their not about to learn the ways of the humble and faithful. That is below them. I guess all we can do as faithful christians is pray for their eyes to be open and for a conversion. We are all made in the image & likeness of Christ so to see the good in everyone, instead of the negative, is what we are called to do always. (boy, that is a good reminder!)

By having a heavy heart this morning, I placed it at the foot of Jesus. I feel comforted and at peace with the answer. Thank you, Lord, for always guiding us on this rocky, winding path called Life. As mothers, we can only hope that our children can differientiate people of the flesh and people of the spirit and make decisions based on what to do and what not to to act and how not to act. Talking about this openly as they get older will only help them on the path of life.

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