Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Being Fed by the Bread of Heaven

Gospel Reading John 6:30-35
"..my Father gives you the true bread from heaven." 6:31 "I am the bread of life; he who comes to me shall not hunger, and he who believes in me shall never thirst." 6:35

My old cranky computer has finally crashed and I am quickly writing on my husband's computer before he leaves for work. Until I get mine fixed, I might not be writing daily....bare with me.

I am so encouraged and refreshed today when I read the gospel. We are given bread from heaven to eat! Each and every day we can receive the
bread of life from Heaven to help us not go hungry or thirty. The bread from Heaven will sustain us from the hungers of the world.....hunger from a large pay check, hunger from a nicer home, thirsty for a change, and hunger and thirsty for a different lifestyle. The bread that comes down from Heaven helps us daily to be thankful for what we have and fulfilled in our vocation of motherhood. Sure, we are human, and we all want different things or a different lifestyle from time to time, but the bread of life helps us to be content with the life God has given us. This is why it is crucial to ask daily to be fed with the bread of Heaven, by offering up the Lord's prayer before your feet hit the ground. To find time for prayer as you go about your daily chores or early in the morning before your children rise. We can't be fed by the bread and water of the world, but we are promised we will be fed with the Bread of Life!

So lift up your parched mouth and offer praises in thanksgiving today for your precious husband and children. Fill your growling and unhappy stomach with the Bread of life from Heaven be thankful for the life God has given you. A spiritually fulfilled life is quite simple, all we have to do is ask and we will be fed.

Blessings to you this Tuesday!

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