Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dr. Meg Meeker on Fear & Motherhood

Challenge Week 9

Challenge Week 9
Watch this video:
Come clean with your biggest fears. Bringing them into the open and facing them head on is the only way that we can desensitize the power that they hold over us.
Commit yourself to finding the root of your anxiety.  If you can’t do it yourself, get professional help through counseling or therapy. You’ll be glad you did.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dr. Meg Meeker has a blog!

This is the best find! I don't know if you are familiar with Dr. Meg Meeker but she is a pediatrician and mother who has written books such as "Strong Fathers Strong Daughters" and many more wonderful books on raising kids.  I was so excited to find that she has a blog!  Here is her lastest "challenge" for mothers.....

Challenge Week 8 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed these days.
That cell phone that you keep tethered to your side either rings constantly or it regularly bleats, alerting you to new text messages.  Mail in all it’s forms (email, snail mail and voicemail) demands to be answered immediately.  Then there’s trying to entertain your children while you simultaneously prepare their dinner and run three loads of laundry.  Meanwhile, the dog is poking you, reminding you he needs to go out for a  walk while the television blares loudly in the background.
It’s emotional and psychological chaos and it must stop.
Scrutinize your calendar and checkbook.  See how you are living and evaluate whether what you are spending time and money on is really consistent with your priorities and goals.  Make a list of your top 3 priorities as a mother and get out your family calendar and cross off what is standing in the way of you accomplishing these.
Simplicity is the disciplined art of letting go. It means willingly determining that your inner self needs some focus, some paring down and reorganization of priorities. So. Do. It.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Finding Peace in this Unraveled Society

"Peace I leave you, my peace I give you."- Jesus

Hope this finds you all doing well.  I am so excited for is such a happy time when the tempature starts to rise and the trees begin to bud.  I can't help but think a new springtime is around the corner for our country.  Everywhere I turn, people are struggling in some area of their life.  As I pulled into the bakery the other day with tears rolling down my eyes because of some struggles we have been having in our business, I looked up at a large American Flag waving in the air. The stripes were beginning to come unraveled and I thought to my self that that was exactly what is happening in our Nation.  Our Nation is becoming unraveled.  Everything that our country was founded on is slowly passing away.  And I am a firm believer that the unraveling of this great nation began in the home.  "The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world."  As mothers, we can help change the society by the way we live our life and raise our families.  We have to stand up for what is right and not back down to what society calls "the norm".  I know we are all busy wives and mothers but we have to stay in tune to what is going on all around us.  We CAN NOT become complacent and okay with how things are going.  We have to LIVE what we believe.....LIVE OUR FAITH.  At times when I feel like I am starting to unravel, I am so thankful I have my faith to cling to.  Sometimes that is all our family has is our faith and nothing else to offer.  I am comforted to know at any moment of my life when I meet hard times or hard aches, I have my faith.

We can not be peace for others until we become at peace within ourselves.  If we are not at peace internally, we become blinded.  We become numb to what is really going on around us.  Finding peace within ourselves in the walls of our home will help lead us to discern what is right and wrong that is going on outside the walls of our home as we try to raise children in this world. My favorite saying from Mother Teresa is "Charity begins in the home."  We do not need to busy ourselves serving outside the home until we are at peace within ourselves and our family is taken care of to the best of our abilities.  Once we find peace and run a tranquil home, then our service in the community will be the best we have to offer.  So many (and I have been guilty of this) run and run and run around serving here and serving there and having a schedule packed full of activities which leaves our family and home in the dust.  I have never been so happy and at peace by concentrating on the five souls entrusted to husband first and then our four children.  I am not able at this moment in my life to concentrate on anything else.  I want to be my husband's oasis and I want (mind you I said want...not always the case) to be Jesus' extended hands to my children.  I am so happy to say that nothing else matters in my life at the moment than those two things and ofcourse keeping an orderly home.  Anything after this is a bonus. I had the most amazing revelation the other day in my kitchen.....that when I wake up in the morning I have one thing I have to do....and that is be peace and love for my family.  Everything and everybody can wait if that is all I can handle that very day.  This mindset has really put things into perspective on what is important and what can wait or is unimportant.  On the path to finding is my daily prayer for God to help me have peace in my heart but it also is a process.  For me it took "detoxing" from technology and other things/people that stood in my way to finding peace.  I have slowly come back around to technology....we got a TV back in our living room (ugh) and I am back to having email, etc. but I now try to have a balance and do not let it consume my life.  So I encourage you to start today on the mission to find peace.  I believe once the home becomes more peaceful our nation will be more at peace....and this starts one home at a time.

Anyway, with all that said, I want to urge all of you to start praying hard for our (hopefully) next leader for our nation.  I am voting for Rick Santorum.  I think his strong values on the family and faith among many other things is exactly who we need to turn this country around.  I attached a few utube videos that you can watch.  Somebody the other day was talking about a priest's homily on how we should be praying for the conversion of the individual who will turn the country around.  I thought that was powerful.  The time is now or never.  We are in a time like no other and as mothers, it is time to stand up for what we believe, for what is right and for most of all our faith.

Blessings to you all this lenton season.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Advent Season

Second Sunday of Advent Gospel Reading
"John the baptizer was clothed with camel's hair, with a leather belt around his waist, and he ate locusts and wild honey." Mark 1:6

Happy Advent Season!
I hope this finds you all enjoying the season and not getting too stressed out and worried about the nonsense that tends to take over us all! This morning I read something very powerful and had to share it with others.

"The attraction of John the Baptist is mysterious.  People flocked to him, not to be flattered but to be told the truth.  They listened because of what they saw, a man who was indifferent to the world's prizes, a man of minimal needs, who could not be bought by pleasures, comforts, or money, but was passionate about God." Sacred Space

"Show me, Lord, what there is about my life that takes from the value of my words and makes me less convincing." Sacred Space

I love where it says that John the Baptist was a man who didn't care about the world's prizes and couldn't be bought by pleasures, comforts, or money.  I am guilty as sin about "being bought" by the material things throughout the advent season that takes a hold of my heart and rules my thoughts instead of being focused on Christ.  Can we, as mothers, try to be different this advent season and be more like John the Baptist, speaking truth and not being conformed to the "norm" of society? I am going to challenge my self starting today on this task.  When people ask if we are surviving the season, smile and say "yes, we are enjoying every minute as we prepare our hearts for Jesus!" Or instead of thinking we need to get the perfect gifts for our children or loved one, just keep it simple and fun and don't spend too much of your precious time searching.  I know money is tight with the majority of people, so why spend more than you have? There is absolute no need for this nonsense.  This could be a good lesson for our children (and for us) about teaching on hard times and doing with less.  Do something concrete with your family such as gathering at night for lighting of the advent wreath and prayer.  We are starting new traditions at my house and the kids are learning more about what the season is truly all about.  These are just a few ways we can be more like John the Baptist in preparing our hearts for the coming of Jesus and standing for truth.  As mothers, we can help change all of the nonsense that takes place in just four short weeks, one home at a time.  In return, something amazing will happen in the walls of our home. In doing this, somehow our children will be happier and our hearts will be at peace.  This is called GRACE from Heaven.....the most perfect gift we can receive daily if we keep our hearts focused on eternity and not the silly things of this world. So start the challenge today and see the transfiguration of your heart, home and family this Christmas!

Blessings to you and your family as we prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Apple All Day Keeps the Doctor Away...

There is a fruit that is contaminating society because of "over-consumption".  It's called the Apple. It is an apple that already has a bite taken out of it.  Have you ever noticed the symbol on the back of your IPhone, Ipad or laptop? Call it coincidence or not, it might just be a sign of the times that we are living in.....maybe that very same apple in the Garden of Eden is in today's modern society. The apple that Eve took a bite out of birthed sin.  And here we are today, thousands of years later, with the same issue.  Too many forbidden apples dangling from the tree at our disposal 24 hours a day 7 days a week which is causing addiction in many forms. When we think of addiction and the computer, we first think of pornography. However, a more suttle addiction is happening that we might not be aware of or want to admit. It is called the "phone addiction". People are obsessed! Whether it is an addiction of constantly checking email, facebook or useless texting throughout the day while mothering children, running your business or laying down for a rest, the apple is taking away any type of conversation with God.  Instead of turning to prayer, we are turning to the apple all through the day.  It is causing a sickness in our society and it is keeping our spiritual doctor away. This addiction is happening to everyone from the youth, to mothers, to fathers, to priests. I walked into confession today with three of my children to find a priest on his IPhone waiting for the next confessor.  I knew right then and there we are under attack.  Technology is taking our souls away from the most important food for our souls which is prayer & Our Heavenly Father.

I had this revelation early one morning this past month when I was sitting in the dark drinking my coffee and praying while my husband was working on his laptop.  The only light in the room was a glowing apple with a bite taken out of it and it hit me like a ton of bricks!  This fruit is not bad when eaten in moderation but our society is obsessed with this fruit.  We are over eating it to the point we leave no room for any spiritual nourishment. While other retail stores are suffering or shutting their doors, the Apple store is is by far the busiest store in a shopping center or on the streets.  I just heard on the news that the Apple Company has more cash than the US Government.  Scary! Some of you might think this is all "a bit too much" but I just want to make people, especially mothers, aware of this hidden addiction in our midst.  We are becoming so numb that we don't know what is directly in front of us.  I read a story the other day about the thought if someone came into our time from the late 1800's what they would be thinking and wondering as they watched people walk by with this device in their hands that they treated like their God. Something to think about..... If everyone spent half the time in prayer as they do with their phones, this world we completely different place.

After this revelation, I am praying that the Holy Spirit will enlighten my mind to more revelations that are going unnoticed. I use to be that person that constantly checked my phone. After giving it up for lent, I realized it caused too much "noise" throughout my day and that I was a bit addicted. I didn't want my children to see me texting, talking or emailing all day...because we are their first teachers and they "learn from the best".  Since I have de-technologized my life, I am finding such peace praying throughout the day and being present to my children.  It is when we are present each day to God's gifts right in front of us that Heaven speaks and sends abundant graces.  So put away for awhile your Iphone or whatever technology that sucks you away from what is important and see how God speaks into your lives.  He just wants us to love Him, talk to Him, honor Him but with the apple in our faces all day every day, there leaves no room for Our Father. And a society who leaves no room for God will sooner than later be no more. begins in the home.  Eat the apple in moderation.....don't let it eat you up.

Blessings to you!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


I hope you all are doing well.  I have a quiet morning and wanted to write a little bit on what is going on in my home, heart and this crazy world we live in!  I am doing my first batch of laundry with my homemade laundry detergent. It smells good! Clint and I have enjoyed simplyfying things in our little home and going back to the old fashion ways.  Since December, we have started canning on the weekends.  There is something so sweet and peaceful about a hot kitchen full of boiling water and whistling pots. The kids play and check in at the kitchen counter from time to time to see what is going on.  Our sweet Clementine helps mama peel the blanched tomatoes while Daddy dices and places them in jars.  We have enjoyed going as a family to our local farmers market and stocking up on fresh local farm to table food and storing up delicious goods for the winter.  I am finding myself wanting to simplify more and more.  When you get a taste of peace in this unpeaceful world, you don't want to stop.  You keep digging for more and more ways to simplify and find peace.  Things around my home keep breaking for the best! Our living room TV just stopped working out of the blue one day and we got use to no noise in our living/kitchen what did we do?  Yanked that sucker right our of our home and replaced it with a piano!  It was also very liberating to call up verizon and disconnect the cable!  Love it!  Now we go to our local library and rent simple sweet cartoons or movies or watch PBS with no commercials.  The kids curl up in our bedroom and watch a little TV from time to time but it doesn't rule our home. email stopped working on my iphone out of the blue and I have to admit, I am in no hurry to get it fixed. Call us radical or just call us hungry and thirsty for peace.

Life with four little ones is hard but wonderful.  I am trying my best to be "present" to them at all times and not be distracted from needless or useless worries, phone conversations, or any other distractions that don't have value.  I believe our society is living in a state of distraction.  From all the technology that we are addicted to, there leaves no room for stillness in our hearts to hear God's voice. Since I have quietened my life, I have heard the Good Shepherd whisper in my heart from time to time.  One in which, I was lying on the sofa one afternoon resting my head while the kids played around me. (I stay all mothers do.) and a little voice said to me..."you see my precious daughter, just as you love watching your children rest, so do I, your Father, love to see you rest." This was so comforting to hear as we all feel that silly guilt when we rest or do something for ourselves. What the Lord said to me made such sense.  I find such peace in seeing my children rest or take a nap because they seldom do.  But when you see your child passed out from playing so hard, it makes a mother happy when you find them in a peaceful sleep. Thank you Jesus for telling me what all mothers yearn to hear.....we need to rest!

 I am finding I have more balance in my life by giving my entire self to my home and family than when I was scatter-brained trying to volunteer at church, on the computer answering emails or trying to have a phone conversation with a friend while your child is needing you or kids are fighting. My marriage has never been better (which all marriages go through seasons, mine included! :) and my kids have never been happier. I also find balance by rising early in the morning for prayer time, working-out while listening to wonderful podcasts such as Word-On-Fire or Radio Wave and fun dates with my husband as much as possible. Also gathering with faith filled friends from time to time. I find such joy and peace being a homemaker and raising these children.  We really don't need much in this life, just love and prayer.

So that is what is going in my life.  God continues to show me mercy, grace, love and peace.  He continues to remind me that this time is fleeting and to look for Him in all of the sweet sounds of children playing & laughing, laundry piles, the smell of rosemary, and the precious grins and giggles from a five month old angel.  The best part of my day is in the mornings when I pick up Callahan out of his crib.  That precious baby has brought nothing but God's love to my heart and heaven's abundant joy to this home!

I don't have time to write about what is going on in the world but I will say this....we need to be on our knees in prayer for our world, especially for our families to be guarded and guided in Truth.  The messages of Medjugorje are profound.  How blessed we are to be in this time where the Mother of God is bringing us closer to her Son and giving us guidance from Our Heavenly Father.  You can read the latest messages at .  Blessings to you all and the holy work you do!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome Baby!

Gospel reading today John 4:5-42
Jesus answered her, "If you knew the gift of God, and who it is that is saying to you, `Give me a drink,' you would have asked him, and he would have given you living water."

Callahan Benedict Cooper arrived March 11th! He is such a perfect and precious gift from God and we are so excited to have him part of our family! Everything went beautifully, thanks be to God.  I am reminded with each kiss I give him and with each sweet embrace that these babies are truly God's greatest gift to us next to Jesus Himself.  Giving life is nothing short of a miracle and a taste of Heaven on earth.  I'm amazed once again though giving life to Callahan of how we mothers truly lay down our lives and we are told in scripture that this is the greatest love...."laying down our life for a friend". God's grace is abundant....He knows our hearts and what we need so well.  Miraculously the past two weeks, my early riser, Ben, has been sleeping in an extra hour and a half which gives me time to have my coffee and sit with Jesus.  We mothers are so thirsty for our spiritual drink from Heaven and I am so greatful I am receiving life giving water so I can give back to my family.  Sure, it would be easier to sleep one extra hour, but not worth it! The flowing "water at the well" that I receive from Heaven each morning is my juice to get through the day with three little ones and a newborn.  It is my only explanation for a peaceful transition of Callahan coming home. 
So we are reminded in today's gospel, that we are like the woman at the well.  Thirsty for the life giving water that only Jesus can provide for us.  We will thirst for this drink the rest of our lives.  As we weary mothers come to the water, Jesus will refresh us and quench our thirst so we can pour His abundant love and life giving water back into our families.

I don't know when the next time I will write.  My calling to write on this blog has come to end for the time being.  I am enjoying taking a break from up my Iphone for lent has been complete freedom. I purposely haven't bought a new computer for my home because I like the peace too much.  I am enjoying the "quietness" of my home and relishing in this fleeting time of little footsteps and voices filling the air.  I hope you all are well.  If for some reason you are contemplating on having another baby, go for it!  You won't regret it one bit.  Giving life to these precious souls is the greatest accomplishment we can ever acheive in this short time on earth.  I am very content with the four wonderful children that God has gifted to us and looking forward to the next phase of raising these little ones and having fun! Blessings to you all.