Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekend Post: The Other Baby (our bread baking business)

Here is PART TWO of or our story of the past 11 years. It is the otherside of my faith journey. You can catch up by reading the Part One from last saturday.

AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER (in real life)
One April evening as I got home to my apartment after work, I found a yellow rose and two envelopes sitting on the table. I opened the one that said “open me first” and the note read, “Meet me at the top of the Empire State Building at sunset tomorrow night”. The other envelope had a plane ticket and a letter confessing his deep love for me. So I boarded the plane at 6:30 the next morning and was off to NYC! Clint hates it when I tell this story but I will continue…. A limo picked me up and drove me to the Waldorf Astoria. As I arrived in the room, there were was a beautiful golden wheat, floor length, silk dress for me to wear to meet him. The dress fit like a glove! I ran downstairs with my heart racing and my hands shaking. I hailed a cab and finally arrived at the Empire State building after fighting rush-hour traffic. When I reached the top floor, there he was with the most worried look on his face. He embraced me and told me he didn’t think I was coming. He wasted no time and got on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes and we wined and dined at my favorite restaurant, Kelly & Pings. We ended the weekend with a game at Yankee Stadium and beautiful dreams of our future together.

A year later to the day, we got married in the church that my Great Grandparents built. It was a small, intimate wedding. After the wedding, we jumped into a 1940’s Packard, which drove us to the ranch. Our one hundred guests dined under a white tent that overlooked the pasture, a red wooden windmill and Hackberry Creek. As the sun set behind the vast plains, we toasted with champagne and feasted on delicious food from the land (beef of course) paired with bold red wine from a vineyard in California. After dinner, the entire Hansford County arrived for the big dance in my Daddy’s red barn. The chuck wagon served homemade peach cobbler and the keg beer was nice and cold. After dancing till our legs were wobbly, Clint and I dashed through the red painted corrals as everyone threw wheat and hollered well wishes. As we waved back through the little window of the 1940’s Packard, we were the happiest we had ever been. Especially since we were leaving for Paris the next day! We honeymooned in France for one week. We took a car to the burgundy region and stayed in a 15th century chateau out in the middle of nowhere. One of my favorite memories of the trip was stopping at a tiny village on our way to Lyon. We were so hungry and luckily found a little bakery in the heart of this beautiful village. No one spoke a lick of English and we didn’t know what we were ordering; however, it was the best sandwich and glass of wine we had ever had! The sandwich was so simple made of a baguette spread with butter and topped with ham & cheese. The drive through the countryside was blissfully romantic as we sipped on wine, held hands, and breathed in the fresh country air. After relaxing and enjoying the countryside at Chateau de Messey ( highly recommend it!) we took a train into Paris and stayed the remaining of our time eating, drinking, and eating some more. We loved the quaint little bakeries the most and had no idea that just four years from then Clint would be an artisan baker and we would have our own bakery.

The moment we returned from our honeymoon and moved into our cute little duplex in the heart of Austin, our destiny took a turn for the worst financially. Clint arrived back at Dell computers to news cameras everywhere and lay-offs left and right. Clint thankfully wasn’t layed off but he took a dramatic pay cut. This is when the mid-twenties soul-searching began. Doesn’t most everyone experience that? Not knowing what Clint truly wanted to do with his life, we began praying, journaling, and wondering what God had planned for us. I knew very early in our marriage that I wanted a husband who enjoyed his profession. Seeing Clint come home beat down and not happy with his work was anything but what I wanted for Clint. I started to encourage him to do his passion, which was cooking. From the first meal Clint cooked for me when we first started dating, I knew he had a natural God-given talent in the kitchen. He made anything taste amazing….from a simple sandwich to making his own pasta, he just had “it” when it came to cooking. He applied to culinary school and was accepted but we later realized after discerning and discussing that we didn’t want the lifestyle of a chef. We knew we wanted a family, and frankly, Clint is not a night-owl. He likes to be in bed and asleep by 9:00. A consulting job came up in Amarillo, Texas. We both wanted to eventually move back to the Panhandle to be close to the ranch and our family, but we didn’t think it would be this soon in our marriage. With no other option, Clint took the job and we packed our Uhaul and headed north. We moved in August 2001 and just a few months after starting his new job, 9/11 happened and his job started spiraling down hill. So here we were in Amarillo, Texas of all places (not the most happening place when it comes to job searching), a mortgage on our first home and a very grim future. Things got so bad financially that we were scraping to pay our mortgage. NO ONE was hiring and Clint was beating on every door for a job. He finally found a job at Pride Home Center on the other side of the tracks, making 6.50 an hour. I was working at an upscale linen store making $12 an hour. We were barely making it when he landed an interview with an aquaintance who was a Stock Broker. He and is wife owned a quaint little French bakery café a few doors down from where I worked. The morning of the interview, I had a really good feeling about this job possibility. I left a good luck note on the hanger of his suite an anxiously awaited his phone call to tell me about it. As I heard his voice, I asked, “how did the interview go?” He replied, “It went okay.” I immediately asked, “did you get the job?” Clint said, “No, but he asked if I wanted to buy his bakery?” I took a deep breath and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. How ridiculous. Buy their bakery? Are you kidding? Clint went onto tell me that he wasn’t interested in buying it at all but he felt like he should meet with him and just look at the numbers. After talking to the owners about the baking business and seeing the optimistic numbers of owning a bakery, Clint and I decided to pursue the business. The bakery hired Clint for 6.25 an hour to start learning the business to see if it is something he wants to possibly buy. After several months of negotiating and hoping it would work out, we couldn’t settle on a price and had to move on. We were devastated. We wanted to buy their bakery so terribly bad and Clint had fallen in love with bread baking. Back to square one, Clint and I realized that we were not going to get very far in such a small town with limited opportunity; therefore, we sold our home and Clint got a job in Dallas. With the u-haul packed and our hearts broke, we headed south to Dallas Fort Worth.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Gospel Reading today Mark 4:26-29
"...she is up and about during the day and all the while the seeds are sprouting and growing....the soil itself makes this plant grow." Mark 4:27,28

Today the gospel reading talks about the growing seed. The man who scatters the seeds on the soil watches in wonder and amazement at how the plants grows. Two days ago I asked what kind of soil are you? We might not realize the amazing impact we have on our little seeds day in and day out, but with each passing day they are growing and sprouting in our care. Our little acts of love, sacrifice, discipline are all watering our little seeds and helping them grow into a ripe juicy fruit ready for harvest. There are some days we might feel are totally worthless when we get nothing done around the "farm" or when our children are cranky and fighting. Although we might not see it, those days are also fruitful. For we have watered and fed the seeds with love (and frustration) and did not give up on our "crop" (family). Someday when we are old and gray we might finally see these sprouted seeds ripened and beautiful. Some of us might even see harvest time for our children before our own harvest time. No matter what, we will know in our hearts that we were faithful in watering and caring for these plants. We didn't ask our hired hands to do all of the work. We slapped on our gloves and did the dirty work ourselves. We will see that our little acts each and every day produced abundant fruit for Heaven. And someday we will enter into "the heavenly produce department" and see an abundant harvest all from our work on earth. We will hear what we all long to hear, "well done, my good and faithful servant. Enter into the Kingdom of God."

Blessings to you this Friday!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Gospel Reading today Mark Mark 4:21-25
First Reading 2 Samuel 7:18-19, 24-29
"Lord, I am not worthy of what you have already done for me, nor is my family. Yet now you are doing even more...." 2 Samuel 7:18

If we could get a glimpse of our life together with our family in Heaven, I am sure we would gasp at what we accomplished on earth. We might then realize how worthy our Lord thought we were to care for His flock and to get them to heaven. Worthy? Can you believe God chooses mothers to be worthy of caring for His children? When a woman stands on the alter to marry her husband, God chooses her worthy enough to care for him and to help him get to heaven. The moment we give birth and the nurse places in our arms the baby who has grown in our womb, God has chosen us to be worthy of caring for such a sacred gift from Heaven.
But more often then not, reality sets in, life becomes mundane, bitterness forms in our hearts towards our husbands, our children start driving us crazy everyday, we start yearning for more, we think we have lost ourselves by giving our life up for our family...and the list goes on. All the quiet whispers of lies from Satan starts building up in our hearts. All of the sudden, we might feel that our family isn't worthy of us. That we are too worthy of the home that we live in. That we are too worthy to cook and feed our flock or too worthy to scrub the bathtub. THIS KIND OF THINKING IS DANGEROUS! This kind of thinking is not from the Lord.

So the next time you start thinking that nothing is worthy of you, look to Heaven and realize that in the grand scheme of things, how are YOU worthy of such a task of raising souls for heaven and making sure your husband and children have eternal salvation? This is the greatest work on earth, and mothers have been chosen for this task? Worthy or not? Simmer down, bow down and be thankful for everything you have been given. For we are worthy of NOTHING. Everything we are given is a gift and someday we will fall to our knees in Thanksgiving when we see the real plan of God unfold through being "just a mother and wife".

Blessings to you this Thursday!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today's Gospel Mark 4:1-20
"Some seeds fell in good soil, and the plants had thirty grains, others sixty, and other one hundred." Mark 4:8

The question I ask myself and you today is "What kind of soil are we?" Are our seeds (our children) having to grow in shallow soil, dry soil, soil with thorn bushes, or good soil? What makes for good and bad soil? Shallow soil doesn't have deep rooted faith to help the seeds grow...dry soil shows the seeds their unhappiness and doesn't give the seeds hope to live and be joyful to the Lord....soil with thorn bushes is choked by materialism and greed and teaches the seeds to always yearn for more. But good soil means to be in daily prayer, to yearn for holiness. Good soil distinguishes the difference between life on earth and life in heaven and radiates with joy and love for the Lord even in disappointment and hard times. The most important task of good soil is to give their life for their seeds (the family) and to help the seeds grow and bear much fruit.

So today, whatever is keeping your soil from growing seeds of goodness and love, then get your rake and shovel and get to work. (This goes for me especially!) Pull up those nasty weeds that are covering the good soil....rake up the old leaves that are smothering the fresh soil, and water and nuture this good soil with prayers and joy for the Lord. In turn, your little seeds will sprout and grow higher and higher towards Heaven's gates!

Blessings to you this Wednesday!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Motherhood Nourishes our GREAT CONVERSION

Gospel Reading Today Mark 16:15-18
"Go throughout the world and preach the gospel to all mankind." Mark 16:15

Because today is the feast day of the Conversion of St. Paul, I am going to try to do my best to talk about conversion. First of all, I apologize up front if the posts lately have seem hurried....I feel hurried lately in writing because I only have a short window of opportunity to write; therefore, I just let the Lord lead my hands and half the time I don't even proof-read the post! I am not the most knowledgable person on our Catholic faith, so please feel free to write comments to correct me in my teaching of the Faith. I just trust that the Lord is putting the words on my heart and that they are correct!

So on the subect of each point in our lives we will start our conversion. I can tell after getting to know someone if they have had their "conversion" or not. I can also tell when people are going through their conversion. A conversion has a birth, and like a child, it grows up and becomes stronger and bigger with each passing day. But like we feed our children, we have to feed our conversion. By being in daily prayer and scripture, this will help nourish our conversion. If you haven't had the complete conversion yet, you are probably starting the process if you look to Lord each day for inspiration, whether it is through this blog, through scripture, or even by turning on christian talk radio...something is changing within you. The fire is starting to kindle in your hearts and you thirst and hunger for more each day. THIS is the beginning of your great conversion. Alot of times, it takes something drastic to happen in a person or a really tough season in their lives to start their conversion by getting on their knees and desperately calling out to the Lord for help. Or through hard times, you start frantically thumbing through scripture for answers and coming back to church more often.
If you find yourself starting to tear up in Mass because of the beautiful music and prayers, this might also be the start of your conversion, for when tears are shed in mass, the Holy Spirit is on fire in your heart. The birth of our children can help kick-start the conversion because of your overwhelming love for the precious soul entrusted to you and the struggles and frustrations that come in the packet of Motherhood. What my prayer is for mothers and I feel God is strongly calling me to do, is for mothers to have a light-bulb moment in their faith as they start looking at motherhood as a beautiful form of self-sacrifice which equals love. Through self-sacrifice, there is no other option then to receive graces from Heaven and in turn your heart starts transforming. If you begin seeing your work daily for your family as a prayer, if you start seeing the suffering mentally and physically of caring for your family as an example of Christ's suffering on earth and on the cross, your conversion will grow deeper and your heart will become more free.

I have always loved the Lord since an early age. I was in Mass every sunday in college (after a long weekend of partying) and would be moved to tears in Mass....the Holy Spirit was on fire in my heart (even though my greatest concern in college was my social calender and second worry was school). I would go to the church after classes and sit and silence and pray. God was already working greatly in my heart. I believe this was all part of my conversion and then it really started kicking into gear after Clint and I got married and suffered job loss, financial strain, family turning their backs, and strain on our new marriage. I would be in scripture every morning and sometime yell at the top of my lungs at God. Through starting our business and all of the pain-staking hard times we have endured, my faith is growing ever more each day. God has proven to me that He never leaves my side and He always provides. So I wouldn't trade the hard times for the world.

So wherever you are in your faith journey, know that the constant prayer in Heaven for you is your great conversion. Look at where you are on this path and do whatever you can to nurture and take care of that conversion as best as you can. I guarentee there is a war between heaven and hell at where you stand in your conversion. All of the worries and stresses of this world only leaves your soul parched and hungry and your conversion stagnant. But when you "trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding" and start looking at your work as a mother and wife as working for the Lord, your soul will be nourished and your conversion will continue to blossom.

Blessings to you this Monday!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekend Post: The Other Baby (our bread baking business)

I have decided to share our story with you of how we met and how we have taken a road less traveled into the baking business. I wrote our story for the business and thought it would be something fun to post on the Archangel Reflections on the weekends. I wrote the story geared more towards customers, so it is not as "spiritual" as my writings for this blog. I am sure some of you will find part of your life in this story and others who are thinking of starting their own business might be completely scared away from doing so! This story is the other side of how my faith has grown. Not only through motherhood but all of the hard times of starting our own business as well. There will be 10 parts to this story, so here is part one. Today is the anniversary of our first date, 11 years ago! Enjoy.

People always ask how in the world did we get into the baking business. It’s long and complicated and I always hate to bore people if they really don’t care; therefore, people can now read our story at their own discretion. I am also writing our story for you to look at the Village Baking Co. bread sitting on your table or on your kitchen counter top a little differently. For one, bread is a beautiful and romantic food that has been nurturing people physically and spiritually for thousands of years. We feel honored to carry on this ancient tradition in such a modern, instant, and processed world. For each pour of water, pinch of salt, cup of sugar, and measured yeast, you will find a developed product full of history, passion and integrity. Little did you know that every step of our journey thus far had you in mind. On this journey of the road less traveled each stop sign, road block, flashing light along with our sweat, tears and fear, you were in the back of our minds. We wanted to share our passion and love for bread with others. So with this story, you will come to know all that has taken place to bring our loaves of bread into your home. So pull up a chair, a crusty baguette, a glass of wine and enjoy reading about a divine intervention, falling in love, chasing dreams, being flat broke, laughing at mistakes, and just being plain crazy.

I grew up on a century old farm and ranch in the Panhandle of Texas. I lived out on the golden Texas plains where I worked cattle on horseback, showed pigs in 4H, drove a tractor in my bikini top and shucked corn during harvest. Little did I know that five hundred miles away was my future husband, Clint Cooper. Clint grew up in Colleyville, TX, which is in the heart Dallas Fort Worth. This was before Colleyville was considered the “burbs”. It was a small town where Clint road his bike everywhere, fished in his backyard pond, played baseball in the pasture and went duck hunting just a mile away from his house. A good old boy and a country girl Texas Tech bound in the fall of 1995. Both having deep roots of a loving family who taught us the basic necessities of life….good morals, a strong work ethic, & perseverance in all things.

Our story began on a cold Thursday night, January 22, 1999 in Lubbock, Texas. We were both in our senior year at Texas Tech. My friends and I were at our regular Thursday night hangout, Conference Café. We were sipping on $1 schooners of beer (oh, those were the days) and chatting about Christmas break when I glanced at the front door. In walked this dark-haired dream with old worn wranglers, a button-down plaid polo shirt, dirty boots, a scuffed leather belt, and a dirty white cap. To make a long story short, after staring a hole through him, the waitress brought me a beer. I told her I didn’t order it and she went onto say, the guy in the white hat did. He later pulled up a chair and the love story began. He was a dream come true…..a good-old boy who loved to hunt, drove a dirty pick up truck with his chocolate lab by his side, good looking, and a complete gentleman. Funny what us country girls like in a man. If you were to ever tell me that night that he would be a baker some day and I would become a baker’s wife, I would have laughed in your face! Oh, how life is so unpredictable!

After falling in love and graduating in August 1999, Clint landed his first job at Dell Computers with his new business degree. I, on the other hand, took an internship in NYC with an interior designer. We parted our ways but kept the romance alive through letters and email. I was offered a job with Victoria Hagan Interiors but found myself yearning to get back to Texas as I sang Merle Haggard while walking down Madison Avenue. Clint welcomed me home at the Austin airport with a six-pack of Shiner bock and lots of kisses along with a few tears. Hunter, the dog, was happy too. I worked in Austin for a while and Clint thought life in the real world was pretty easy with his six- figured job just months after graduating. We took in every aspect of living in the Hill country. On Saturday mornings we would get us a cup of CC’s coffee and head to lake Austin where Clint, Hunter and I would have coffee in the kayak as we floated down the river. Almost every Saturday night we were at a different dance hall. Dressed in our boots and jeans, we ate BBQ, drank beer and danced the night away to old fashion country music. On Sunday mornings after Mass at St. Mary’s, we would change into our fishing gear and head to Llano, TX, just an hour outside of Austin. There we would fly fish, picnic and read books on the bank of the Llano River. After a relaxing afternoon, we would head into town at sunset and eat at our favorite place, Cooper’s BBQ. We basked in the glow of falling even more in love those several months in Austin. To be continued........

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Right Place at the Right Time

Gospel Reading today Mark 3:13-19
"Then Jesus went up a hill and called to himself the men he wanted. They came to him and he chose twelve, whom he named apostles." Mark 3:13

Talk about being at the right place at the right time! These apostles were chosen to walk with Jesus and proclaim the good news. What if James was yearning for more a few months before he met Jesus and went out of God's will to move to a different town? Or what if John had been looking at every aspect of his life negatively and decided Jesus wasn't worth following....a poor carpenter wasn't worth much so why would he want to follow in his footsteps? Could this scenerio be similar to what spoiled brats we can be at times? Not happy with God's saving grace of where we are at this very moment in our lives? Not looking at all of the abundant blessings but looking at all the blessings we don't have?

I am writing on this subject again today because I think it is such a problem in today's society and this is a perfect way for Satan to hone-in on mother's who are at home and in the monotony of caring for their families. A society who is constantly wanting more is not an easy place to live. This is where we have to turn away from worldly desires ask for the gifts of the Holy Spirit and be in prayer every morning before our family awakes. All of the sudden, we will start being content with the the life we have and the things that have been given to us. This freedom will allow us to sing praises to the Lord for the abundant blessings He has bestowed instead of wishing for more material things. I want to share a story with you. This story is an example of the power of where we are in our lives right now.....what town we live in, what home we dwell in, what church we go to...places you think you are not happy in, yet God has such a bigger plan on why you are there at this moment in your life.

"Many years ago a wealthy family in England took their children for a holiday in the country. When the children went swimming in a pool, one of the boys began to drown. The other boys screamed for help and the son of the gardener jumped in and rescued the drowning one. Later, the grateful parents asked the gardener what they could do for the youthful hero. The gardener said his son wanted to go to college. 'He wants to be a doctor,' he said. The visitors shook hands on that. 'We'd be glad to pay his way through,' they told him. When Winston Churchhill was stricken with pneumonia after the Teheran conference, the King of England instructed that the best doctor be found to save the Prime Minister. The doctor turned out to be Dr. Fleming, the developer of penicillin. 'Rarely,' said Churchill to Fleming, 'has one man owed his life twice to the same rescuer.' It was Fleming who saved Churchill in the pool." Medjugorie Day by Day by Father Richard Beyer

Our lives are just as important as the Apostles and as Winston Churchill. The power of being in the right place at the right time is just as strong in us as it was in them. Rest in knowing today, that you are exactly where you need to be and all the things you possess is way more than you need. God delights in the more simple way of life and a person who is thankful with less. Stop the fiasco of wanting more in this materialistic world. You will all the sudden become happier and have a skip in your step like never before. And guess what, you will be teaching your children one of the most valuable lessons you can ever teach them.

Blessings to you this Friday!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stop Looking at What Your Neighbor Has

Gospel Reading 3:7-12
First Reading 1 Samuel 18:6-9; 19:1-7

"Saul became jealous of David." 1 Samuel 18:9

Jealousy continues from the day of Saul until present day. We all become jealous from time to time and it is crucial we learn to realize when jealousy arises in hearts and turn away from this evil driven feeling immediately. We live in a world that judges success on the more money you have and the bigger home that you have. We also live in a world that teaches to constantly yearn for more which leaves us never satisfied with what God has given us. More, more, more. But in the book of wisdom it says that you will always find someone who has less than you and you will always find someone who has more. I think that is such wisdom needed in today's society. I like to say we are "chasing our tail". We have to stop this "tail chasing" game and the buck stops with the family. We have to learn to be satisfied. In turn, our children will learn that one can be happy and joyful with less. Also, they can learn that success is not in the dollar sign but in his journey of your faith. I can't wait to teach my children that hard times produces endurance and financial strain helps us to be thankful for what we have. We can help our husband and children realize that this life on earth is a blink of an eye and that every work here on earth should be focused on eternity, not what is in the bank or what fancy counter top you are picking out in your new home.

This all pertains to jealousy. Each one of us has faced it....jealous of what someone else has. Everytime I go and see my sister and see her forest for a backyard, I come back to my house and look at our little fenced in backyard and yearn for more. Everytime I am in a spacious home with tall ceilings, it is easy to come home to my little dwelling place with 8' ceilings and long for more room. When we do this, we are doing nothing but hindering our happiness here on earth and our gratefulness toward our Father. Every bit of what you have at this very moment is a gift. Wherever you are is exactly where you need to be at this very moment. There is such a bigger plan than we can imagine. While I only see the frustration of sharing a sink with my husband and small closet space, God sees my home bringing hearts closer to Christ by the presence of angels one feels when they enter or a conversion back to the faith as they see an antique picture of the Holy Family in my entry way. Or taking bread to the shunned neighbors across the street, making them feel welcome and being Christ for them. His plan is SO much greater, if only we could take off our blindfold to see His purpose for us at the present moment.

So today, stop yourself immediately, dead in your tracks, when you look at what someone else has and wish you had more in your life. This is not from the Lord. Look straight ahead on the path He has prepared for you and you alone. Do not look left and do not look right. Keep your focus on the blessings in this life that God has given you at this very moment.

Yesterday I was out on the deck with my children and looked down at my toenails to see how terrible they looked. I then glanced around at the yard, to see leaves unraked and huge weeds in my rose garden. Then it just kept scattered I kept glancing around and wishing for a neater backyard and more time to take care of myself, I realized enough’s enough! What did I do? The kids and I got busy. We cleaned up the backyard and last night Clementine and I painted our toenails red. Do I feel better? Heck yeah! So instead of wallowing in my pity and wishing for more, I became grateful for what I had and nurtured what God has given me. Gosh, I need to do this more often! Believe me, it is therapeutic!

Off to take care of a cranky baby....Blessings to you this Thursday!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mothers Are Not The Only Ones Who Get Angry With Their Children

Gospel reading today Mark 3:1-6
"Looking around at them with anger and grieved at their hardness of heart, Jesus spoke to them...."

I am at my sister's house this morning and haven't been able to really meditate on the gospel, but these were my first thoughts. The Pharisees disrespected Jesus by not answering his question. This reminds me of when my children disrespect me and I become angry with them. Using that anger in a controlled, calm, authoritative way as Jesus did can help our children gain more respect towards their mother and father. This is comforting to know that Jesus got angry with his children and showed them who was "boss" by going ahead and healing the man with a withered hand. I am so encouraged daily by learning from our Father on how to handle things in our homes and with our families. Thank you, Jesus, for being the most wonderful Teacher. Even after over 2,000 years, he continues to be our first teacher.

Have a blessed Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Breaking News for Moms & Dads: The Sabbath is not about you.

Gospel Reading today Marke 2:23-28
"The Sabbath was made for the good of man; man was not made for the Sabbath." Mark 2:27

I can't write much this morning but the immediate thought that came to my mind in the Gospel reading for today is how we are all called to keep holy the Sabbath no matter how hard it is. All of the excuses of how your child doesn't act right in mass...he is too little. Or the one I hear all of the time is "i just don't get anything out of mass when I have my 1 year old there." Well, sorry to be such a grouch about this subject but Mass is not for you to get something out of is not about you. We go to mass to serve the Lord. So if you are in the foyer the entire time in mass with your giggling, crawling, walking, jabber-jaw toddler and don't hear much of what is going on in the church, you still receive abundant graces from Heaven by just being present. You still are there to receive the food for your soul, the body and blood of Christ, to get you through the next week and to give you the strength on being the best mother and wife you can be.

So the next time you don't want to go through the Climatic Chaos of the week, which is Sunday mornings trying to get your family off to church, think of Jesus suffering and dying on the cross. What if He would have said to heck with it because it was too hard? Be strong in your faith and do not waver and your children will learn from this and always know they need to get to church, even with a hang-over in college. That is what 5:00 Sunday afternoon Mass is for! My dad never waivered and in turn, he has 3 devout catholic children. So it is not about is about living for above and getting your family to Heaven!

Blessings to you this Tuesday!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Actions of Motherhood a Form of Fasting

Gospel reading today Mark 2:18-22

"Do you expect the guests at a wedding party to go without food? Of course not! As long as the bridegroom is with them, they will not do that. But the day will come when the bridegroom will be taken away from them, and then they will fast." Mark 2:19

I have been thinking alot about fasting lately and funny that today's gospel reading is on this subject. I have learned more in my short four and half years of motherhood than I have in my entire life. I have also grown vastly in my faith. I believe one of the main reasons I have grown so much in my faith is because of the form of fasting we perform each day in motherhood. Fasting is turning away from selfish desires and turning to Christ in prayer. As mothers, our lives our a prayer and we fast from the moment of conception of our first child from selfish desires. All of the sudden when we become mothers, selfishness flies out the window and this is the greatest form of love. To lay our life down for a friend (family). As mothers, one of the greatest forms of fasting is sleep deprivation. I truly believe this is a form of fasting. For there are times when there is nothing more you want in life at 3:00 in the morning than to keep sleeping, but "Christ" is calling you in the other room. So what do we do? We rise up from our slumber and go serve our Lord through our Children. We turn from sleep and rise in prayer in service to our family. Another form of fasting for the souls of ourselves and our family is the moments that you want to lose your mind. I find myself saying out loud in those desperate moments, "Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy!" I cry out to the Lord to have mercy on my soul in these moments of sheer hell! (I think you all know those moments I am talking about!) One in which when I try to load my children in the car (ages 4,2,1) when they are tired and hungry....this is a moment when I fast from earthly desires of peace and tranquility. Another form of fasting, I believe, is when our children are sick. We are up most of the night with them and then into the day the one who is sick doesn't want you to put her down and the others want you to hold them. At that moment you are fasting from are being held captive by these little souls! Another form of fasting is mothers who fast from the comforts of their well paying beloved career to give their lives for their families. They are turning from selfish desires (of enticing "food") and fast on a life of "bread and water" in the worlds eyes. God sees this beautiful act of self giving and will bless their families for it.

I am reminded this morning of the scipture reading(I don't know it by heart and don't have time to find at the moment)that says when we fast, we are suppose to wash our face and comb our hair and to not let anyone know we are fasting. So this is a call (especially to myself) to all of us mothers, to lift up prayers of salvation for our family or for a loved one in need through our hard days of motherhood. To not complain to our husbands about the "hell" we go through that no one sees, but to rest in knowing the most important person sees.. Our Father. This is truly all that matters in life.

Fasting is a beautiful form of prayer that will draw us closer to Jesus. Lately things are calm (dare I say that?) at the moment around our home and I am going to try to start fasting on food as well. I am not good at this and hope to get better. When I fast from food, I am going to lift up prayers for a family member I am praying to come back to the church as well as for my children....that they will always be guided to take the straight and narrow path in life.

Blessings to you this Monday!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Letting go of Ms. Fix-it

Gospel Reading Mark 2:1-12
First Reading 1 Samuel 8:4-7,10-22

"All the elders of Israel came in a body to Samuel at Ramah and said to him, 'Now that you are old, and your sons do not follow your example, appoint a king over us, as other nations have.'" 1 Samuel 8:4-5

I read this while reflecting on the gospel this morning. "The Israelites had a problem replacing Samuel as their leader. They tried to deal with this problem by inaugurating a new form of government for themselves; a kingdom. This eventually made matters worse. We likewise try to deal with our problems by setting up a new system." One Bread One Body, by Presentation Ministries. The reflection goes on to say, "Instead of distracting or deceiving ourselves with new systems, we should go to the heart of the problem: our own heart."

I am personally reminded today of all of the distractions that flood my heart daily. I am queen of Ms. Fix it. These distractions do nothing but make matters worse and cause un-do anxiety. I am going to try to start discerning every morning what the Lord wants me to focus on for the day. Is it working on Ben's speech and focusing on activities for his continued learning? Is it helping my husband with marketing for our business? Is it working on a mother’s retreat that I am putting on in May? Is it getting together with a friend at the park? How am I to use my time wisely each day? I have to remind myself that each day is a new and different day. I am sure we all suffer from a variety of distractions and I think we have to ask ourselves daily, "what is from the Lord and what isn't?” We live in a world that "fixes" everything. Our food system is distracted by the easy way out of processed, heat up kinds of food. Doctors fix everything with prescriptions. I personally sometimes fix irritable children with another TV show or an unhealthy snack (such as candy). Some mothers want it all, so they do whatever it takes to have it all. No one is happy, but her...but she fixed the problem that best suited her; therefore, she is happy. We all get tired and lax from time to time, which I believe is normal and human and we do what we have to do to survive. But instead of trying to "fix" things all the time, what if we focused on the problem at hand that very moment? "Instead of distracting or deceiving ourselves with new systems, we should go to the heart of the problem: our own heart. If we have humble, contrite hearts, we will have victory over every problem-even those not our fault. Jesus' solution to all the world's problems is not new worldly systems, but new hearts." One Bread One Body

So today, let's focus on the task at hand. Not a year from now or five years from now, but today. How is God calling us to live the best lives we can today? Well, I know one thing is for sure. We are all mothers and the most important task I can guarantee you is your family. Let go of all the other distractions that are making this critical task take back seat. We are not "super-women". We were not created to be all and do all. We are human and giving our lives to our families is the best way we can use our time here on earth. All the other "things" can wait. Let's try not to be "ms. fix-it" and just try fixating our families on Christ, which is LOVE.

Blessings to you this Friday!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Blessed Are They....(a mother that is)...."

Gospel Reading today Mark 1:40-45

Food for thought today. I have been thinking of the beatitudes alot lately and these are my thoughts...

"Happy are those who are humble; they will receive what God has promised!
(mothers who sacrifice the material ways of the world to take care of God's flock)

Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires; God will satisfy them fully. (mothers who give of themselves fully to their family, for the greatest call from the Lord is love thy neighbor as thy self...the gift of self.)

Happy are those who are merciful to others; God will be merciful to them!(constant care for our children is nothing short of a merciful act....putting bandaids on theirs knees, holding them when they are cranky, giving them a sippy cup of water...all are acts of mercy.)

Happy are those who are pure in heart; they will see God!(when a mother has no greater desire than to care for her family, her heart is pure and full of love. There is no room for selfish desires of the flesh).

Happy are those who work for peace; God will call them his children!
(mothers are peacemakers by constantly picking up our homes throughout the day. By cleaning spills, organizing closets, doing dishes and laundry, these are all acts of peace because we are keeping peace in the home.)

Happy are those who are persecuted because they do what God requires; the kingdom of heaven belongs to them!" (this goes for all mothers who pray only for God's will to be done in their lives and follow His ways. His ways might contradict the world's standards and you will be ridiculed for it. Rest in knowing the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to you!).

Happy are you when people insult you and persecute you and tell you all kinds of evil lies against you because you are my followers. Be happy and glad, for a great reward is kept for you in heaven. (this goes for all mothers who offer their lives for their will constantly hear jabs from others on seeming worthless or crazy. All the lies women believe in today's world will be directed to you. Be happy and know God holds the most special place in Heaven for you).

Have a blessed Thursday!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Gospel reading today Mark 1:29-39
"Very early the next morning, long before daylight, Jesus got up and left the house. He went out of town to a lonely place, where he prayed." Mark 1:35

I have a New Year's challenge for all of you mothers out there. What if the news, magazines, restaurants, commercials, newspapers all talked about getting fit spiritually as a New Year's resolution? What a drastic change that would have on our world. Instead, all one hears is how to get physically fit through diet and exercise. Sure, that is a great thing. I am all for eating well and exercising, but you never hear anything about getting spiritually fit. Reality is, our bodies will eventually die, but our souls will live forever. How backwards does our world have it? The most important thing we should all be focused on is walking with our Lord daily and nourishing our faith.

What a wonderful example, once again, with have in the Gospel today. Jesus gets up and leaves early in the morning to go and pray. If you go onto to read Mark, you will see after his prayer time, Jesus knows exactly what He needs to do and His purpose of life seems crystal clear. The same things happens to you and I. If we exercise our soul each morning, we have an extra skip in our step through the day and our purpose in this life becomes crystal take care of our families and raise these little souls for eternity. And we will have JOY in doing this through prayer!

Challenge: I know, I hard it is to rise up early in the morning before your children. For we are the most sleep deprived human beings on earth! However, if you want to see a drastic change in your life and you are seeking a peaceful heart and a happy soul then you have to discipline yourself and rise early in the morning to spend time in prayer. Even if it is for 15 minutes, you will be amazed at the difference it makes in your day and in your mothering. I am a huge coffee drinker. (Coffee and wine...beautiful helpers in Motherhood.) I get gitty..giddy (however you spell that..)the night before at the thought of drinking my coffee and spending time with Jesus and the Blessed Mother. I know that sounds strange, but it is truly the best part of my day. So if your not a coffee drinker, than go to the store and get a yummy box of Tea or Hot Chocolate. Something you can wrap your hands around and feel the warmth of your cup and the silence in your heart. Order Living Faith for 12.00 online at It is a simple devotional book that has the church readings for the day and then a reflection. Do whatever is your thing....pray the rosary (even if it is just a decade) and meditate on Jesus' life, go to Borders and find a devotional book that suites you. Or just sit in silence and let God speak to your heart....or pull up this blog and read some archive posts. Whatever it is, make this happen! Make a promise to yourself and to God that you will try your best at being discipline enough to give sometime to Jesus and yourself. The more we can do this, the better wives and mothers we will be.

So today, figure out what your prayer time will consist of and get everything ready to start in the morning. All you have to do is start getting up 15-30 minutes earlier and you will see that your prayer time was so much more worth it than sleeping in those extra few minutes. Keep me posted on how things are going. If you need any extra ideas or motivation, just feel free to email me at Your soul, your husband's soul, and your children's souls are at stake.....and alot of it is up to you, girl, to make sure everyone gets to Heaven. Start TODAY! Don't waste anytime.....for our life here on earth is short but Eternity is forever!

On your mark, get set,....GO! Have a blessed Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Teaching with Authority

Gospel Reading today Mark 1:21-28
"The people who heard him were amazed at the way he taught, for he wasn't like the teachers of the Law; instead, he taught with authority."

Once again this morning I am encouraged to have authority over my children and to not second guess my intuition. For our intution is the teaching of the spirit. God gives us the wisdom and knowledge to raise these souls the best we can. Through His authority, He gives us authority in raising disciples. I am reminded through the gospel, to not look at what everyone else is doing, but to have confidence that I am a good mother and that the Lord is leading me in my mothering. For each child is different; therefore, each child needs to be disciplined differently. I have to remind myself often that I am the one in charge during the day and what I say goes. Deep down I know what is best for my children and I need to have the courage to do what is best. The saying holds true, "Mama knows best." These little ones can be manipulating at times and if we don't teach with authority, their future might be in trouble.

So right now, I know I need to get off the computer and give myself (my time) to them. What a wonderful teacher we have in Jesus. He gave his life to His flock but at the same time, taught with love and authority.

Have a blessed Tuesday!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Catching the Hearts of our Children

Gospel reading today Mark 1:14-20
"Come with me, and I will teach you how to catch men." Mark 1:17

Before I begin, I am excited to announce the email sign up on my blog. You can now plug in your email adress and receive Archangel Daily reflections in your email box! Thanks to my dear friend, Jennifer, for setting that up for me.

The part of the gospel today that struck me is when Jesus tells Simon and his brother, Andrew, to follow Him and He will teach them how to catch men. What does this mean to you? When I ponder our vocation with this teaching, this reading to me relates to catching our children's hearts. We discussed at our Archangel meeting on friday how to win our children's hearts. We came up with several different ways, but the one that sticks out in my mind is to show your children that you want to "be" with them. Too many mothers are farming out their children because they have better things to do and bigger accomplishments to be had. One of the mothers said something that really touched me. She has four boys, two of them are in middle school. She said they enjoy being together as a family. They go everywhere together, they eat dinner every evening/afternoon together. She said she and the boys will sit down for dinner at 4:30 if they have to because of sports in the evenings. They never miss sitting down together for dinner. But the one thing she said that moved me is that she enjoys being with her children....that they are interesting people. That comment made me realize even more that each one of these souls that have been entrusted to us are different and interesting. We can learn just as much from them as they learn from us. What a gift! To be given these interesting little characters to care for and to teach to love.

So how do we "catch" the hearts of these interesting people? By being present to them. To enjoy the ordinary days with them. To enjoy the little moments that pass by like a flash. To show them that there is nothing more important to them then loving and caring for them and their daddy. Our vocation is the most important job on earth, for as Pope John Paul said, "the family is the vital cell of society". If we don't properly care and love our family, who will?

Off to make pancakes.... Have a blessed Monday!

Friday, January 8, 2010

"Daddy, Please, Please!"

Gospel Reading today Luke 5:12-16

"But he would go to lonely places where he prayed." Luke 12:16

"Daddy, please, please, please give me that!" This is what I have been sounding like lately to God I am sure. I feel like a little girl begging her daddy for another barbie doll while shopping at the grocery store. However, when the house is quiet and I am in prayer, I know His will is against what I am asking but I continue to think of it and ask for it anyway. I am comforted in knowing Jesus begged the Father to take the suffering away from Him when the time came for Him to be beaten and crucified. Even though we are grown adults and have our own children to take care of, we are still God's little children and it is okay to act child like towards our Father. Because when we are childlike and begging for His will to be done, He is pleased. For we are not taking matters into our own hands, but trusting in His perfect plan.

For the past week, we have been getting our home ready to be put on the market because we found a little dream place here in our hometown with some acreage and a little more space. God knows my heart and knows I am a country girl and I yearn for some space for my children to run and play. Our business is finally starting to become fruitful; however, it is not wise to immediately have a bigger house payment, bills, etc. We need to stay tucked in our little cocoon and give it time. Is this easy? No. But is the Father's will usually easy? No. This little 1700 square foot house closes in pretty quickly on a cold and rainy day with 3 toddlers bouncing off the walls. My ear drums start to ring with a hearing impaired child locked in these little walls. The busy street is a nuisance because my children can't play out front because I fear the worst. But for now, the tiny house payment is nice and this little home who has taken care of us for five years is not ready to let us go. Although I am kicking and screaming, wanting more, God is quietly shaking His head and saying "now is not the time, my sweet daughter." And I am saying..."okay, daddy. Whatever you say." But that doesn't mean I am not going to go pout in my room."

Sometimes is takes a lonely place of prayer to fine God's will but rest in knowing His plan is perfect. Our's is not.

Have a blessed weekend!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Letting the Spirit Lead us

Gospel Reading today Luke 4:14-22
"Jesus returned in the power of the spirit to Galilee." Luke 4:14

My son, Ben, was up for the day at 5:10 am. So, needless to say I am sitting here trying to write my reflection on the gospel while helping him work a puzzle. I have discovered something wonderful. This is probably old news to all of you but I am always behind the times! I discovered Pandora, which is internet radio on my ipod. So I prayed the rosary while listening to gregorian chant; therefore, I couldn't here Tom & Jerry in the background at 5:30 this morning. As I meditated on the gospel while listening to Gregorian chant, the thought came to me that we have the power of the spirit in us every moment of our day....while we mother our children. What else do we need in life? The same power that rose Christ from the dead and seated Him at the right hand of the father is at work in our daily lives. We have divine guidance while mothering our children. While the world tells us we need to read all of these books and look to professionals in therapy, we have all we need through the spirit. Sure it doesn't hurt to hear what others do in raising their children and what studies "say", but we are given this divine gift of spirit and discernment through baptism. I think internally we know what is best but start second guessing ourselves because of all of the background noise of what others say we should do.

Tomorrow is the Archangel Mothers group that I lead at our church. We are going to discuss the Holy Family and how we are all called to be Holy families. If you get a chance, listen to this site I recently found. They talk about reaching holiness through the family.
(For all of you Archangels, wait for tomorrow!) Also, Father Robert Barron has a great talk on the Holy Family at We will also be listening to that tomorrow.

Off to cook breakfast! Have a blessed Thursday!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Facing Your Fears

Gospel Reading today Mark 6:45-52
First Reading 1 John:11-18
"Courage!' he said. 'It is I. Don't be afraid!" Mark 6:50

The readings today talk about fear. Why are we always afraid? Afraid to have another baby, fearful of the baby we are carrying in our womb....will he make it to term? Will she be healthy? Fear of finances, fear of our children growing up to be lazy, addicted to drugs, pregnant out of wedlock, killed in a car wreck. Fear of our husband not providing, fear of them losing their job. Fear of cancer, fear of dying and leaving our children with no mother. Fear, fear, fear.....the list goes on. Jesus tells us to have courage and to not be afraid. He tells us over and over in the Gospel that fear does not come from Him. There is only one place fear comes from....Satan. Fear is never from the Lord. The only fear we should feel is fear of the Lord. This awe in God's presence is a most important gift of the Holy Spirit. At our Confirmation, we prayed specifically to receive this gift. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. "Fear of the Lord warms the heart, giving gladness and joy and length of days. He who fears the Lord will have a happy end even on the day of his death, he will be blessed." Sirach 1:9-11
One beautiful way in showing fear for the Lord is to take our job as mothers and wives very serious. To put our families first and to give them our lives in fear the Lord. It means you are focused on the things above and not the things of this world. You will receive abundant graces for giving your life to your family and fearing the Lord. For He gave us this family, and we are not to take this responsiblity lightly. We are raising, nurturing, loving souls that will live forever. Isn't that amazing?

So the fears not from the Lord are not worth our time. They only keep us from the light. They are shadows. When we put all of our fears in our hands and raise them up to give to God, we will feel free. When we pray our fears away, we will feel at peace. Fear keeps us from our dreams and goals of this life. Too many people keep safe behind their desk instead answering the call from the Lord. Starting our business six years ago from scratch was the scariest thing I have ever done. I will never forget my husband crying in the bathroom the morning before we opened. He was scared to death! Thank goodness this fear didn't rule our hearts and keep us from opening those doors. If they had, we wouldn't have been blessed with all of the lessons from the Lord. I take such comfort in knowing my husband is doing what he was born to do. Has it been easy? Heck no. It has been the toughest 6 years of my life. There have been times we have sat at our kitchen table with blank stares not knowing how we were going to pay our employees, much less our mortgage. Somehow, God always pulls through and provides. This has shown us to not be fearful of God's will for our lives. Step out in faith and He will always take you by the hand, provide for you, guide you, and love you every step of the way. The greatest gift he gives you through stepping out in faith is wisdom.

Had I known my son was going to have a hearing loss and that I would have to put hearing aides on him from one year of age on, I would have been so scared and worried my entire pregnancy. Who knows, I might not have even gotten pregnant if I had known how tough it would be. BUT OH MY, what I would miss if I didn't have this little light of my life. He has taught me SO much and he is only four years old! I can't imagine what else I will learn from this hard headed, hard of hearing little guy. I have learned how to help carry a cross of one of God's precious souls. In turn, my faith has grown, my heart has grown and I will never been the same....thank the Lord. Ben has changed me for the best and I am so thankful.

So whatever fears you are facing, place them in your hands and lift them up to God. Write them down and take them before the blessed sacrament. Give them away to the Lord, step out in faith and go for it! You will never know what you are missing until you face your fears and put them behind you!

Blessings to you this Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Parched for God's Presence

Gospel Reading today: Mark 6:34-44
"He pitied them, for they were like a sheep without a shepherd; and He began to teach them at great length." Mark 6:34

As mothers, I believe we can feel like a lost sheep at times. As we are sleep deprived and taking care of little lambs 24/7, we can feel lost and distant from God. Right now, I am feeling like a lost sheep. The busyness of the holidays and my mind focused lately on other things besides prayer has left me wondering in a vast pasture. I once heard it was normal and part of a spiritual pilgrimage to feel distant from God. For me, all it does is make me yearn for his presence even more. Sunday I just kept the Eucharist on my tongue. I didn't want to eat it, because I knew I was feeling distant from God and didn't want the Eucharist to go away...for it is the closest, most tangible thing we have to Jesus. This might all sound very strange, but as mothers I think we thirst for God in a differnt way then others. As we care for His flock nonstop, our mouths become parched, our stomachs growl for a peaceful moment with the Lord. I believe we are in a constant form of fasting and fasting is one of the most beautiful prayers we can do here on earth.

So today, if you are hungry and thirsty for prayer time with the Lord, but your family is constantly taking your food, remember you are fasting in prayer. That thought alone makes me feel so much better. We are becoming holier by the day as we care for the Lord's flock. No, it isn't easy, but nothing worth anything in this life is easy. Usually all good works for God are hard because we share in His cross and in turn, we become closer to Him.

Before I go, I want to clear something up from yesterday's post. I have had a heavy heart about what I wrote and want to apologize if I offended anyone in my honesty of disciplining my children. I am very old-school when it comes to most things I do, especially disciplining my children. Everyone is called to discipline differently and I know I am doing what I am called to do as a mother when it comes to teaching my children the correct behavior. Anyone who has a strong-willed child will agree that you have to do what works for your child. My son has been so difficult from day one and we have tried all forms of disciplining but the only thing that works is a paddle. My sister recently told me that there was a point that Ben could have turned a different way but we got a handle on his behavior and now we have his heart. That was the best compliment I could have receieved. Everytime we spank our children, we let them cry for a second and then hug them, tell them we love them and the reason for the spanking. We do ALL things in love in this household. So, I just wanted to clear that up with anyone who was offended. I know I parent in error many times, but I am constantly on my knees asking for Jesus to help me in raising His children. I am at peace with how I discipline and peace is from God. Thanks for listening!
Blessings to you this Tuesday!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Mothering in Truth

Today's Gospel Reading: Mathew 4:12-17, 23-25
"This is then, how we can tell the difference between the Spirit of truth and the spirit of error." 1 John 4:6

This particular reading stood out to me this morning. As we mother our children, there is always a fine line between truth and error. I cross over to the error side often. I know when I cross over and know that it is wrong but continue to mother in error anyway. Be it yelling, screaming, cursing under my breath (and sometimes out loud), letting them watch too much TV, letting them eat candy early in the morning, letting them win (getting away with what they shouldn't). We are called as mothers to live in truth, "mother" in truth. Yes, we all get tired and let things slide, but we have to stand for truth in all that we do. Our world accepts error way too easily and often. The way children run all over their parents today is acceptable in this "error-proned world" but completely unacceptable in living the truth. If my children act up in church, I yank them up out of the pew, take them to an empty back room and spank their bottoms. Yes, I might be wrong in the worlds eyes, but frankly, I believe I am teaching my children truth. There is no "if, ands or buts" about behaving in public and church for that matter. After spanking them, I let them sit and cry for a few seconds and then we immediately return back to the pew. Somehow, they behave very well the rest of mass. I refuse to let my children rule over me....refuse. I think this is a huge problem in the world today. Children are ruling their parents way too much.....Parents are letting the spirit of error reign. I believe if we pray for the spirit of truth every morning and ask for guidance in mothering throughout the day, we will teach our children in truth. Yes, we all fail in mothering from time-to-time, but if we focus on mothering in truth...having the spirit of truth in our hearts, on our minds and on our tongue, we will be doing the best we can do at our job.

So today, I am going to focus on the word truth....on what is truth and what is error. Maybe this simple practice will help us divide that fine line that sometimes gets out of focus.

Have a blessed Monday!