Wednesday, April 14, 2010


John 3: 16 - 21
But he who does what is true comes to the light, that it may be clearly seen that his deeds have been wrought in God. John 3:21

"He who does what is true....". What is truth in today's times? Truth is not living to impress your neighbor and satisfy yourself. Truth is living for Christ, which is living for others. The greatest sacrifice on earth is LOVE. Doing what is true is sacrificing for others and loving as Jesus loved. Our world today is focused on living lies....not living for truth. All of the lies from Satan are being believed by the souls of our times. One of the main falsehoods of today's times is the lie of selfishness in women. That women need to "take care of themselves" by putting their needs and desires first and everyone else second or third. The lie that women are better off outside the home....their worthiness is not in the home but making money and having a successful career. The lie that women have rights to have a baby or not. The lie that it is okay to focus on what is best for self and to "toss" the unborn baby or the fertilized eggs that are kept in a freezer. Lie after lie after lie and so many of the lies of the world are in the hearts of women. If Satan can bring down the woman, then he has brought down the heart of society. For the woman is what keeps the world ticking by being the heart of the home. For when the home is in a disarray, then the world is in a dissarray. Look around, what do you see? Lies are being believed and family is taking a back seat. Satan's work is a slow rott and he is slowly rotting away the vital cell of society....the family.

All of these reasons are why it is CRUCIAL that we as mothers stand up and be the light. Stand up for what is right and what is TRUTH and to not back down to this pagan society. We are to be examples to others that motherhood is (if not THE) most important vocation on this earth. For we are raising souls to live forever. To nurture and care for these souls and our cathedral is success in Heaven's eyes. For when we let this "go" and focus on serving self, the souls and our cathedral start to fall apart and we become successful in the world's eyes. Each and every day there should be no other priority for a mother than her relationship with God, her marriage and then caring for her family....anything outside of this should take backseat. THIS is truth....this is what we are told in scripture. The world has been bombarded with the lies and is seeing with a foggy lense. This is why it is time to speak the TRUTH and not knod our heads in agreement to the lies of the world.

So today, look at your surroundings and deep in your heart. Where are you living in truth and where are you living in falsehood? Remember, truth will set you free. Speaking and living in truth is liberating and only brings peace and freedom...which is from the Lord. I warn you, be prepared to be made to feel stupid, crazy, belittled & harshly judged. This is only the continued lies of satan being lashed out at you for speaking truth. Stand firm and don't back down! Blessings to you this Wednesday!

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Lisa Marie said...

This is exactly what I needed to hear today... thank you for being open to the Spirit working through you Kim. God is truly using your ministry to speak to me.

Many blessings!