Thursday, April 29, 2010

I wanted to clarify my last post about "deserve". I write so fast in the mornings that sometimes I don't make things clear of what is on my heart. All women for sure DESERVE to be treated with the utmost dignity & respect. When I said we don't deserve anything, that was in regards to materialism. Any materialistic item is just a bonus in this life...something to be taken taken lightly. "To be worthy" is the definition of deserve & because we are created in the image & likeness of God, all men & women deserve or are worthy to be treated with love & respect. Now do I like a new pair of sassy heels every once in awhile? Heck yeah! Do I deserve them for being a good mother? No! They are fun to have but not something to be considered "worthy" of. I only hope to "deserve" the chance to stand in God's presence someday for giving my all and everything in this life. So that is where I am going with this....
Just had to clear my thoughts up a bit! Thanks for listening.

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