Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Today's Gospel Reading Luke 9:57-62
"....I will follow you Sir, but let me first go say goodbye to my family. Jesus said to him, Anyone who starts to plow and then keeps looking back is of no use for the Kingdom of God."

I found myself this morning in this reading of Luke. Fear, selfishness and pride keeps me from totally surrendering myself to God and His will. I need to go visit the lonely in the nursing home, but it is too hard with three small children. I would like to go to weekday mass, but my kids will be too loud. I need to give more to the poor but I really need a new pair of those sassy boots from the J Crew magazine. I probably need to sign up for that class to learn more about my faith, but I know enough for the time being. And the list goes on for me.... I am sure we all find ourselves somewhere in this reading. What keeps us from giving up everything and following Jesus? We are told we will recieve abundant graces and happiness if we surrender ourselves to the Lord. So why don't we?

I feel we surrender ourselves to the Lord by surrendering to our families. We give up so much to be the best mother and wife we can be. We give up our lives for our families. So I think we should not be so hard on ourselves. In motherhood, there is no stopping. You have to keep plowing forward and look to the future. We can never go back to the way life use to be. So embrace this beautiful vocation that helps us to be better followers of Christ. Like Jesus says..."whoever loses his life, will save it." By "losing" our lives to our families, we are saving our souls for eternity because we are surrendering ouselves to Jesus. For Jesus is in the midst of our home and family.

Take a deep breath and don't be so hard on yourself. However, surrender all of you fears, doubts, self-serving ways to the Lord and you will start living a much more peaceful and beautiful life and your children will learn from you and do the same someday. We need to be the examples in this selfish world of giving up our lives for our faith and family. Teaching our children to do acts of love and mercy by visiting the lonely. Teaching our children how important our faith is by taking them to church even when it is hard or when everyone is tired. We live in a very lazy, "what's in it for me" society. To change this mentality, it starts with us at home. We will be doing our children a favor if we surrender ourselves to Jesus. To keep plowing forward and not look to the left or the right or backwards....but keeping our eyes fixed on eternal things and not the silly wasteful things of the world.

So, plow on! Have a blessed Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009



"War broke out in heaven; Michael and his angels battled against the dragon." Revelations 12:7

I read this this morning and it really opened my eyes...."Pride is the beginning of all sins and faults...." and then Benedict Groeschel goes onto say.."The Fathers of the Church believed that the fall of the angels was caused by pride. They simply could not endure that the Son of God would be a weak and limited human being". Wow! What a powerful statement. I think about the world we are living into today and how pride is honored. Look at the leader of our prideful and arrogant he is. Scary, huh? Also, I think of families today being so prideful in their careers and their possessions and constantly trying to keep up with the Jones'. This prideful world we live in looks down up suffering, limitations, selflessness when in all actuality those are the tools that brings a soul closer to Christ. We have Jesus as our example of coming to this earth as a poor carpenter with a servant's heart who suffered and died on the cross for us.

I asked myself today, where I am being prideful. I want to rid myself of pride as soon as I can! To think that pride is the beginning of all sins and faults really makes me think. We are all human and guilty of pride and asking Jesus to help us to not be so prideful is a good start. As mothers, we have set aside pride and selfishness to care for these little ones. We naturally have servant hearts which pleases our Lord every day. What a blessing we have in motherhood to keep us on the right track to heaven!

Have a blessed Tuesday!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Being Amongst the Greatest....Our Children

Gospel Reading today:
"Jesus took a child, stood him by his side, and said to them, Whoever welcomes this child in my name , welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me. For he who is least among you all is the greatest." Luke 9:46-48

Jesus is telling us today that when we lovingly welcome our children into our lives and our homes, we are welcoming Him. He is also telling us that the ones we think are small.....maybe the newborn who can't tell you his needs or the toddler who is driving you crazy.....these are the ones that seem least or small but they are actually the greatest in our lives. As I always say, our children are Jesus for us and in turn we are Jesus for them. When you give a sippy cup of water to your child, you are giving Jesus a drink of water. When you put a band-aid on your child's knee, you are caring for Jesus. When you are frantically trying to get lunch on the table while everyone is screaming and crying because they are ready for a nap, you are feeding Jesus and His flock. What you do everyday in loving and taking care of you family is sacred. You are welcoming Jesus and caring for the least of His people. The work we do as mothers is nothing short then Holy.

So today as you are thinking of where else you would like to be other than caring for you children (maybe dressed up and having lunch with a friend or flipping through the finest fabrics as a designer), remember you are actively doing God's work here on earth and your rewards will be abundant. There is nothing more important at this moment in your life than caring for your children......everything else can wait but the least among you ...your children can't wait. The time is NOW. You can't get that time back.

Have a blessed Monday!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


First Reading today in Mass:
"My people, why should you be living in well-built houses while the Temple lies in ruins? Don't you see what is happening to you? You have planted much grain, but have harvested very little. You have food to eat, but not enough to make you full. You have wine to drink, but not enough to get drunk on! You have clothing, but not enough to keep you warm. And the working man cannot earn enough money to live on...." Haggai 1:1-8

If this doesn't describe the world we live in today, I don't know what will. We live in a world where we are always wanting more. Enough is never enough. So many people in today's world are doing everything they can to live in a big well built home to only leave their children in day care and credit cards maxed out. They beat the pavement in traffic every day and work many hours a week to harvest little......not much to show but materialistic things that will waste away with this life. Never enough "food to make you full" ....and the list goes on how we are always wanting more and never content with what we have. Look at what has happended to our country and the economy all because people were living "lies".

How can we change this mentatlity so our children don't make the same mistakes? It starts at home with us. The only way you can be content with what you have is to walk daily with the Lord. The more you grow to know and love Jesus, the more content and "full" you will be with what you have. Materialism and the ways of the world begins to diminish in your high priority list and you start to see life for what it is really worth. You start living in freedom. Your children will learn from you and feel the freedom and contentment that you feel. They might get caught up in it later in life but will revert back someday to their teaching at home.

When our babies were born, they didn't care about how big their house was going to be, or what color of nursery they might have. They didn't care about what car they were going to drive off in from the hospital. All they cared about was being in our arms and being fed by a loving mother. These toddlers don't care about anything else but being loved and cared for by their mommy and daddy. The only thing we all truly need is food, shelter and clothing....the rest is just bonus.

Examine today if you are caught up in this rat race. Ask the Lord daily to help you see the bigger picture and help you live for the things above and not the things of this world. In turn, your children will thank you someday for it.

Have a blessed Thursday!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Power At Work In Us

Gospel Reading Today
"Jesus called the twelve disciples together and gave them power....." Luke 9:1-6

As I meditated today on the Glorious Mysteries....The Resurrection, The Acsension, The Decent of the Holy Spirit....the overwhelming comforting thought came to my mind that the same one who rose Christ from the dead is the same power at work in us. The same Holy Spirit that descended upon the disciples and the Blessed Mother is the same Holy Spirit that descends on all of us. The same power is the one who shaped and molded our children in our wombs. This great power designed Jesus in Mary's womb and that same powerful creator designed my son to have a hearing loss for a bigger purpose....more than I could ever imagine.

When we think of life in this way, we start to experience Heaven on earth. We start seeing things in a whole different "light". My dad always says that out of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit is the one who comes down from Heaven and continues to work on earth. The Holy Spirit is within, nudging us to work for the Kingdom in all different kinds of ways. The Holy Spirit is the one who guides me in my writing and who gave me courage and strength to learn how to put hearing aides on one year old one hundred times a day. This same power is at work in you guiding you through motherhood and proclaiming the good news to your children as you love them and discipline them. As you teach them about Jesus and treat others the way you would want to be treated.

So today in whatever you face, be it big or small, remember that the power of the Holy Spirit is at work in you. Like I always say, we are not alone in this great task of motherhood. We have the amazing power of the Holy Spirt always guiding us, we have Jesus picking us up when we fall and holding us in His arms, we have the Blessed Mother by our side who knows and understands what we are going through and is praying for us every step of the way.

Set your mind to do whatever it is that the Lord is calling you to do and know you have a very powerful force behind you guiding you to accomplish greatness. There is no bigger accomplishment then shaping and molding these souls for eternal life! May the Power be with you!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Feeling Distant from Jesus at Times

`Gospel Reading today in Mass:
"My mother and my brother are those who hear the word of God and obey it." Luke 8:19-21

I think we all go through different moments of feeling very close to Jesus and other time we feel a bit distant. Lately, I have been up throughout the night with my toddlers so I have been sleeping in until 6:30 and trying to pray my rosary and have my time with the Lord amongst the voice of Barney (that alone will put you in a bad mood real fast!). Yesterday I was deep cleaning and decided to move furniture around to only wake up this morning missing my little "sanctuary" with my statue of the blessed Mother and sanctuary ended up getting tossed throughout my mind set of a new home yesterday. I realized as I got into bed last night I was self serving yesterday....I had a friend stop by for coffee and I was not in tune to our conversation because in the back of my mind I was rearranging furniture. My best friend who lives far way called and I told her I had to call her back because I was moving furniture. I was not Christ for others yesterday and I did not allow them to be Christ for me. They might have really needed to talk or tell me something and I wasn't available to them. As I woke up this morning I felt lost without my sanctuary and like I had wasted the day yesterday because I will be moving everything back to the way it was today.

So needless to say, I feel a bit distant from the Lord. I have been checking out spiritually to focus my mind and heart into the things of the world and it doesn't feel good. I thought last night that I want to do nothing but serve the Lord each and every day. I have had a taste of the "everlasting high"....the pure joy and bliss I feel when serving the Lord. The feeling of serving Jesus blows the "instant high" of self serving away. I wondered when I read the Gospel of Luke today if the Blessed Mother and Jesus' loved ones felt distant at times....especially at this particular moment when he said not to invite his Mother and brothers in because they already know the teaching of God. I know that Mary probably never felt "distant" and probably totally understood the situation, but I know she understands when we feel distant and will always help bring us back to her son.

Just know you are human if you don't feel the Lord close, but ask to be drawn back to him. Say a little prayer at the kitchen sink or as you change your baby's diaper. Think about where you are serving yourself when you should be serving Jesus. There is no better feeling than walking right next to Jesus daily. We walk daily with Jesus by being in the midst of our children. Rest in Jesus' arms today because He is near to you leading you by the hand as you care for your family.

Have a blessed Tuesday!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Reading in Mass today:
"What did we bring into this life? Nothing! What can we take out of the world? Nothing! So then, if we have food and clothes that should be enough for us.....For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil." Timothy 6:2-12

This verse always grabs my attention and brings me to a screaching hault. The truth is the truth is the truth. I visualize my babies being born naked and helpless and then I visualize my loved ones who have gone before me lying in bed helpless through their sickness and suffering. I think of the excitement and labor pains of bringing new life into the world and then I think of the sorrow and hurt of watching a casket being lowered to the ground as you say good bye to someone you love so dear. There is no way around God's design of life and death. We all (I am very guilty) get so caught up in the here and much money we want to make, what kind of home we want to live in, what big promotion we are working towards, what vacations we want to take, what wardrobe we dream of having, and the list goes on. If you think about it, it is quite disgusting. All that truly matters is living your faith and keeping your eyes fixed on eternity. What is going to get you into the gates of heaven? What is going to let you have that moment of seeing Jesus face to face? What is going to let you live in Paradise? Not the "things" of this world, but your love, sacrifices, acts, and faith will be the true riches that you need to build up to help you live forever.

As parents, we have so many important lessons to teach our is overwhelming if you think about it. One very important lesson is just teach them to live for the spirit and not the things of this world. To give them less materialism and more love. To not always be preaching the gospel but live it. To sacrifice our selfish desires for their gain. Live not as the world tells you to live but live as Jesus tells you to live and in turn our children will be better people because of it. So then, as your casket is being lowered to the ground, your children and loved ones who you leave behind will have a better chance on the highway to heaven because of you and the work you did on of love, sacrifice,charity, faith.....riches that will live on for generations to come.

God Bless your Friday! Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Teaching our children to see Jesus in everyone

"The Son of Man came eating and drinking and you said, Look, he is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners." Luke 7:34

Jesus is our prime example on how to treat every single person with whom you come into contact with. How we treat others in public is how our children will treat others someday. Recognizing Jesus in everyone is such a wonderful lesson for our children. Whether it is the sacker at the grocery store, the waiter who only speaks spanish, the cashier at the gas station, the mentally retarded in church.....seeing everyone as Christ will change your attitude on how you treat them. Ask them "how are you today?" Or look them in the eye and say "thank you so much". Acknowledge their many people don't even give them the time of day.....they just think they are a nobody. But teaching our children to love and respect everyone, no matter what their title is is a vital lesson in teaching them to love your neighbor as yourself. You never know what that particular person is going through.....loss of loved one, thoughts of suicide, recovering from cancer, loss of a take the time, the two seconds it takes to be Christ for that person and you never know...they might be an angel in disguise.

If you start performing this loving act of kindness, your children will someday. For we are their first teachers.

God Bless your Thursday!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mother Mary in PLAIN view

September 15th Our Lady of Sorrows
"Standing by the cross of Jesus were his mother and his mother's sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary of Magdala." John 19:25

Today is the feast of our Lady of Sorrows which acknowledges that Mary suffered. Most of the time it is hard to think of Mary as human or a plain, ordinary woman.....a woman who walked this earth and "experienced the same kind of pain that we do: fear, loss, misunderstanding, ambiguity, inconvenience, disappointment, anxiety, fatigue, sorrow". Sr. Melannie Svoboda

Mary can relate so much to us mothers. Whether it is anxiety and worry of delivering your baby in the next couple of weeks or sleep deprivation from a newborn or toddlers aka "night visitors", she has been there and done that. She layed awake so worried the night the Angel visited her...worried about what everyone would think. I can only imagine the anxiety she must have felt days and hours before she delivered Jesus....not knowing what to expect and the agony and pain that was ahead of her. Fatigue and exhaustion of sleepless nights before Jesus' birth and then all of the sleepless nights after while breast feeding the Son of God and then working all day in the fields. The fear and sorrow she witnessed while her Son was being beaten almost to death and then was hung on a cross to die.

So think of Mary today as a normal person walking beside you. She is there to comfort you and pray for you. Acknowledge her presence and rest in the Peace of her love and understanding. How blessed we are to have a heavenly woman in our midst who has walked the walk before us.

Blessings to you this Tuesday.
p.s. Speaking of "Night Visitors", I am going on not much sleep since my one year old has decided she wants a bottle in the middle of the night and my other two toddlers are back and forth from bedroom to bedroom. So bear with me as I am not able to write every morning......just in survival mode right now.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Gospel Reading today:
"Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful." Luke 6:36

Why are we mothers so dang hard on ourselves? How many of us fall into bed at night not proud of the way we acted towards our children that day? There are days I think.."I was a really good mom today" and there are also days I think..."I was a terrible mother today". This is called being human. We all fail from time to time. We are by no means perfect and that is why Christ had to come and save us. We all have our faults and struggles of character. Mine personally, I am not proud to say, is anger. I have to work so hard not to yell or lash out at my family when I get frustrated. I pray for strength and protection from it daily. Thankfully, I have a very merciful husband who listens to me and helps me with my struggles and encourages me to overcome them. Be mericful to yourself. Ask for forgiveness and ask for help to try to be better. But by no means let it bog you down so much that you can't move forward. We are all broken and for that reason we need Christ walking with us daily. Mercy is a wonderful gift from the Holy Spirit....use it for yourself and towards others!

Blessings to you this Thursday.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


First Reading in Mass today:
"Think of what is above, and not of what is on earth." Colossians 3:2

This is one of my very favorite verses when it comes to life in general. It is so hard not to focus on earhly "things" and matters, however, St. Paul reminds us to live your life for what is above, not of what is on earth. In the never ending task of motherhood, try thinking of this verse in the different courses of the day. What is tempory and what is eternal? The souls under your roof is the most eternal task at hand and then after that, are the souls you encounter each day outside your home. The dirty garage, milk-stained couch, stressful job, small closet of old clothes, empty bank account, empty make-up bag, dirty hair, tired eyes, unsorted laundry are all things of the earth. If you are taking care of your soul and all of the souls of your home, everything else will somehow work out. A friend once said, "you don't see a Uhaul attached to a hurst". There is so much truth and wisdom to that saying. What are your thoughts and efforts working towards each day? The things above or the things of this earth? As mothers, your work is eternal. Your daily sacrifices hidden in the walls of your home might go unnoticed here on earth, but because your works are hidden they are ever more beautiful to God. Living for your family and the souls that have been entrusted to you is living for the things above.

Today, as you have those moments of worry or fustration, try to think if they are temporary or eternal and then rest in the peace of God. Don't spend your efforts trying to pack the Uhaul and working for materialic or trivial things, but spend your efforts nurturing and caring for the eternal aspects of your life.....your family.... and everything else will work itself out. Life is short, we are here to die, so live your life like you are dying.

God Bless your Wednesday!

Monday, September 7, 2009


First Reading in Mass today:
" my flesh I am filling up what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ on behalf of his body." Colossians 1:24

I have recently learned about offering up as a prayer any sufferings you might struggle with. I really like this idea because it turns an affliction into a beautiful outcome. Imagine a wilted flower in your garden right now.....I know mine are all wilted and close to death from the excrutiating Texas heat. Imagine if those little flowers offered up their afflictions as a prayer.....all of the sudden they would turn into the most beautiful blossiming flowers amdist the dreadful heat beating down on them. The same thing happens with us.....if we offer up our daily frustrations, aggetations, anxieties up to the Lord as a prayer, we can imagine little graces sprinkling down on us from Heaven. It is a powerful and wonderful form of prayer. As Christ offered up His suffering and dying on the cross for our salvation, as mothers, we can offer up an afflictions we have for our family's salvation.

My 4 year old son, Benjamin, has a mild to moderate hearing loss. He will have to wear hearing aides the rest of his life, unless they come up with some miraculous medical procedure to cure it. I tell him he can hear God's voice better than the rest of us. Because things are a little quieter in his soul, Jesus's voice is a little louder. "How lucky you are", I tell him. I will also teach him later in his life to offer up his suffering as a prayer......I can only imagine the souls that will be saved through his suffering if he will offer up his lack of hearing, annoyances, embarrassments of wearing hearing aides as a form of prayer. My first prayer daily is for his hearing to be healed, but if that is not God's will, I pray that he will accomplish greatness through his "disability". I hope and pray it will give him amazing "abilites" in this life.

So whatever afflictions you might be struggling with, try offering them up as a prayer for your family. You might not see the fruits of your suffering instantly, but no doubt there will be abundant fruit in days and years to come if you simply offer it up daily.

Blessing to you this Labor Day!

Friday, September 4, 2009


"Homes are made by the wisdom of women, but are destroyed by foolishness." Proverbs 14:1

I opened my bible this morning and my eyes went directly to this verse. After reading the Proverbs, it is ever more assuring that we are doing what the Lord has called us women to makers of our homes. The Lord gives us the wisdom to build our home with love and a sure foundation to raise children and take care of our families, but it is the foolishness of the world that destroys the beauty of homemaking. The title "homemaker" is belittled in our world today. "Oh, your just a homemaker?" I can promise you, you are not "just a homemaker" in the Lord's eyes. You are doing what He has called all of us women to do. If our homes are taken care of....nurtured with our love and care, naturally our families are taken care of. When we are in the home feeding our families, doing chores, being "present" to our children and husbands, it is like the Lord's arms are wrapped around our family. The Lord is caring for our families through our care for the home.

What more could we ask for than a vocation that is scriptural? The Lord gave us women the job of making our houses a home. What an honor and privilege it is. In a world that calls women out of the home for more self worth and honor, the Proverbs is a reminder that the world is foolish and the Heavens are wise. Keep up the hard work and the think no one is watching or appreciates all you do, but don't worry, the most important one is watching and He will bless you and your family abundantly for all of your hard work and efforts. For Jesus came to the world to serve, not to be served. What an amazing example we have in Him.

Happy Labor Day Weekend! They need to make a "Labor Day" for mothers!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


First reading in Mass today:
"We ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will, with all the wisdom & understanding that his Spirit gives. Then you will be able to live as the Lord wants and will always do what pleases Him. Your lives will produce all kinds of good deeds, and you will grow in your knowledge of God. May you be made strong with all the strength which comes from His glorious power, so you may be able to endure everything with patience." Colossians 1:9-14

A Priest who is a dear friend once told me that praying for God's Will in your life is the most powerful prayer you can say. "Lord, let your will be done." For God's will for your life is so much more than you could ever ask for or dream of. All we have to do is pray for His will daily and discern what His will is for our lives through prayer and scripture. I wish it was that easy for mothers.... With mothering God's children, we are taking care of little ones 24/7. We don't have many moments to sift through scripture and sit in silence. God gives us free will and how do we know what his will is for us each day while children are crawling all over us and asking for something every 5 seconds? Offering your day to the Lord is a start and then asking every morning for His will to be done will help in discerning where He might be calling you. If you find a constant nudge at your heart, act on it. While are minds are consumed with taking care of our families, sometimes the Lord has to do what are children do to us....ask over and over until we say "Okay! Fine! You win!" So if you keep having a thought to take a meal to someone, or to stop doing chores and sit down and play with your children, or to quit your job and be a stay at home mom, or write a letter to a loved one you haven't seen....then you better act on it because more than likely that is the Lord answering your prayer to let His will be done. We might not like the might be frightful, uncomfortable, exhausting.....but you will then see after acting upon it that the Lord was at great work in you and He will give you abundant grace and peace for answering His call. When trying to discern, remember, God is Peace and wherever you find the most peace, there you will find God.

May the light of God's Will shine in your lives and hearts this blessed Thursday! Today is a gift from the Lord, be thankful and good to yourself and your family.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Excerpt from Gospel Reading today in Masses all over the world:
"Jesus gave the demons an order and would not let them speak, because they knew he was the Messiah." Luke 4:38-44

I take comfort in this scripture reading in Luke. Everyday we are faced with some kind of evil......wishing we were somewhere different other than at the park swinging your child while you are dripping sweat and your baby is crying because she is ready to go home and nap but the other child is crying because he isn't ready to go home, screaming at the top of our lungs at your kids in frustration hoping the neighbors didn't hear, wishing we had more materialistic "things" as you look in your closet and think "I have to wear that again", longing for a different lifestyle as you want to enjoy your glass of wine with your husband but the children are constantly nagging you for something , gossiping about a neighbor because it is a break from the ordinary routine of your day, pondering on the expectations you had for your life and how they are nothing what you expected as you are changing poopy diapers and making peanute butter and jelly sandwiches...and the list goes on. Good and Evil are alive and present in our world. We have to become "in tune" with what is from the Lord and what isn't. I have finally started to separate my actions from what is good and what is Evil. The moment I lash out at my kids in anger (which we all do from time to time) is not from the Lord. That is the very reason why we have to offer our hands and heart up to him everyday to guide us and help us discipline the way He would. I fall many times but He is right there to pick me up and to show me His way, not the ways of the flesh. I find when I go shopping or look at magazines, I long for a more worldly lifestyle, but the Lord speaks to me at dinner time with my family and says...."this is all you need. A roof over your head, a healthy loving family, food on the table, and clothes on your body."

Satan is constantly trying to pull us away from God's Will in our lives and the joy only God can give by abiding in Him. We have to be aware and "present" in the situation to differentiate which is from the Good side or the Bad side. In mothering our children, everything good is from the Lord; however, we are all human and we all fall. But we have to remember how loving and forgiving Jesus is. He is constantly there guiding us, loving us, fathering us to help mother our children and take care of our families. Know he is on your side and will help you tell the bad side to get the "hell" away! He will silence them and "not let them speak, because He is the messiah". What more could we ask for everyday to have such a powerful precense in our midst and in our heart? Be at peace knowing God has placed you exactly where you are suppose to be at this point in your life. God has called you to one of the hardest yet Holiest jobs on earth. In the world's eyes and the evil lies, Motherhood looks daunting and irritating, but in Heaven's eyes it is nothing short of heroic and glamorous.

p.s. You can also ask St. Micheal Archangel to defen you in the daily battle....what a wonderful intercessor we have from him too!
Have a blessed Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Scripture Reading in Catholic Masses all over the world today:
"All of you are children of the light." 1 Thessalonians 5:1-6

How greatful us mothers are for the little gifts "God's light" during our day. For instance, this morning I am praising God for helping my children sleep late. We have been going and blowing for the past four days and we are all exhausted. I slept late this morning and as I woke I was dreading waking up with the kids and my day starting strong with the needs of my children without my coffee and quiet time with the Lord. Those kind of days always start off on the wrong note for me. But the Lord granted me His grace and His light by letting me drink my coffee, pray the rosary and have my time with Him before the children woke up. He has also given us a break from the heat, as I know all of us mothers are thankful, and we are headed to the park this morning. All of these things are light from the Lord....little Gifts from Heaven. We receieve them daily, but how many of us are groaning and mumbling (as find myself doing often) and not seeing the gifts the Lord is bestowing on us for mothering His children?

Today is September 1st, which is the start of a new buses, football games, crisp air, pumpkins, as we start fresh with the new season, start fresh in your vocation of motherhood and become aware of the graces, peace and light the Lord gives you everyday. Our Blessed Mother is "full of grace" and loves to share her grace with us, too. Be aware, that your baby sleeping through the night or your children playing well together some days instead of fighting, or a friend surprising you with a meal on your front doorstep is not just coincidence.....they are gifts from Heaven and God's light shining on you. Be thankful!