Prayer Time

The following are suggestions on how to achieve quiet prayer time during the crazy days of motherhood. Please feel free to add more!!

1.) Pick a place in your home for prayer time.  I sit on a little sofa in front of a big front window looking out into our front yard.  On one of the walls I have pictures of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary (both blessed in Medjugorje), a black and white photo of my loved ones in Heaven, and a holy water font.  You might think this is a bit much for you....and that is okay!  Just find a peaceful place to keep your devotional books, bible, rosary etc.  I also have a prayer candle I light every morning to keep my mind centered on prayer.
** Devotional books that I suggest:  Max Lucado, Living Faith, Word Among Us, Medjugorje Day by Day by Richard Beyer (this book I have read for the past five years ever day.  It has a message from Mej, scripture reading and a reflection by Father Beyer.  LOVE IT!)

2.) Rise early (offer this sacrifice up for your family's salvation), get a hot cup of tea or coffee and go to your "prayer corner".  Open your heart up first by reading a daily devotion.  This will inspire you and get your prayer mind going.  Always read scripture and if you are devoted to the rosary, pray it!  My day isn't complete until I pray the rosary.  This is the most powerful prayer tool we have as Catholics.  Sit in silence with Jesus, for this will probably be the only silence you have all day. 

3.)11:40 AM- kneel and say a "Hail Mary" and pray for the salvation of the world.  This is the very time Our Lady is appearing in Medjugorje.  Her purpose is the salvation of bring our world back to her Son.

4.) Prayers as you load screaming kids in car seats...."Lord Have Mercy, Christ Have Mercy!"  As spills of milk and all are crying for rest time, "Jesus Help!"

5.)  At the sink....simple prayers.  Folding laundry....simple prayers.  Holding your child....pray for their spouse, purity, holiness.

6.)  3:00 - Divine Mercy Chaplet

7.) Angleus Prayer 6:00AM, Noon, 6PM  (I am working on this one...)

*** Have a prayer candle that you can light throughout the day for prayer intentions.  When you see it burning, you will find comfort and lift up a prayer.  This is also great for our children to witness.  If there is someone close to you that need prayers, place their picture next to the prayer candle

Most importantly, just keep your mind focused on the greatest task at hand.....being PRESENT to your children.  That is a form of prayer in itself. 

If anyone has more suggestions, please feel free to comment and I will add to the list.