Monday, July 26, 2010

Sowing the Seeds of Holiness

Tuesday's gospel reading Mathew 13:36-43
"The good seed is the people who belong to the Kingdom; the weeds are the people who belong to the Evil One; and the enemy who sowed the weeds is the Devil." Mathew 13:38-39

I accidently read tomorrow's gospel reading first this morning and wanted to quickly share with you what came to my heart.  Today is the Feast Day of Jesus' Grandparents, St. Joachim & Anne. What immediately comes to my mind this day is holiness in the family.  How do we achieve holiness?  This should be our greatest concern every single day of our lives as a mother and wife. "To be Holy is to be a reflection of God, to possess the characteristics of the divine, especially love.  In holiness, love illuminates the whole person; it becomes a living dynamism or engergy within us." Father Richard Beyer 

We have two beautiful models of Holy Families to look to; Mary's parents Joachim & Anne as well as Mary and Joseph.  Each family did not have fine things.  They were very poor and lived in small homes. However, what they did have was LOVE.  Today so many think our children need so much or need to be educated at the age of two, so they send them to school.  (Mainly because it gives the mother a break but she is making herself feel better thinking her child is learning so much.)  The education will come.  The buddies and birthday parties will come.  Right now, however, all your child really will ever needs growing up is abundance in love.  If your family has a wealth of love under your roof than you are very rich.  Your children have all they need.....a loving Father and Mother.  If they witness the respect the mother has for the Father and vice versa, they are receiving a beautiful education in their midst of respect for one another.  If they are well disciplined by their mother throughout the day and Father by night, then they are receiving the greatest education within the home.  A holy family is not one that boasts of their successes and plays the "one up game" with the Jones'. A holy family is humble, modest and joyful.  They beam of God's love through love for one another and their neighbor.  You see this holy family at mass each sunday praising God for all of the blessings that has been bestowed on them and praying fervently for their children's future.  A holy family's greatest prayer is not that their children will acheive great success in the world, but they will never abandon the Christian faith.  For if a person has faith, they have everything. Wisdom, happiness, love, joy, peace. This is the wealth we should be chasing.

So today, who is sowing the seeds of your family?  This world and keeping up with its standards or is God the sower of your seeds.  It is so hard to keep focused but by keeping focused your family will reep an abundant harvest.  Don't let this world choke you and your children but let each and every one of you sprout good seeds and shine like the sun to those around you.  "Love is a net to catch souls". -Mother Teresa  Let your love of holiness be the net to catch others (including your children) souls for the Kingdom.

Blessings to you this Monday.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finding Peace and Joy in the Mundane Days of Motherhood

Gospel reading in Today's Catholic Mass all around the world: John 20:1-2, 11-18
"Jesus said to them again, Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you." John 20:21

Jesus tells His disciples twice, "Peace be with you",  in this reading as He greeted them on that late Sunday evening after His ressurection.  This is a reminder that God desires for us to have Peace.  Why so many in our world today live such unpeaceful lives?  So many mothers are scattered in so many different directions that their children sense the unpeacefulness in their mother's heart and in turn there is not peace in the home.  I know this because I have lived it.  The times I have had too much on my plate, I became unpeaceful, stressed, and grouchy and the outcome was very unpeaceful children, husband and home.  God does not want this for us....especially we mothers who are raising the next generation disciples.  Our world is tainted with unpeacefulness through instant messaging....emails, texts, phone.  How can a person have peace in their heart when the first thing they do in the morning is check their phone or computer?  Or immediately turn on the TV to watch the news?  Or even for us mothers who get up in the morning with our children?  I don't know about you, but I become a real grouch if the first thing I do in the morning is start with the noise of the day.  Too many of us are ignoring the vitality of prayer.  This is the ONLY fuel that will help us discern God's will for us that very day and bring us true joy.

Lately, I have had a hard time with these dog days of summer.  In central Texas, I don't mean to complain, but it is just plain miserable outside!  After coming down off the high from my trip, I am having a hard time embracing the mundane....yearning for something to look forward to.  Therefore, I have been calling upon the Holy Spirit to fill my heart with joy and to let God's Will be done this very day.  I am reminding myself that nothing is important except this very day in front of me.  Nothing else matters than the breaths of my children and being present to them and being joyful when my husband walks in the door.  Everything in my midst is a gift from God and I am focusing on being thankful, peaceful and content this very moment, this very day.  I think it is so challenging at these mundane moments of our lives with nothing "exciting" goin on.  These are the tests of our faith.  Are we going to be down in the dumps and mope around or our we going to lift our eyes to Heaven, be thankful and joyful for our families admist the boring (I can stand that word!), uneventful, hot, dreadful days of mid-summer?  Finding peace and happiness in the cuddles, the giggles, the whines and cries is what our Lord is calling us mothers to do.  To show our children and husband joy from the Lord in the uneventful days of this life.  This is why there is no peace in today's society.....people are constantly looking and yearning for the next big "high" of an interesting email, new piece of furniture, juicy post on facebook (can't stand facebook...sorry for my friends who love it!!), new home, new car, spa treatment....and the list goes on.  I know all of this because I am guilty of it!  This is why mothers yearn to be outside the home and chasing success in a job, fundraisers, you name they want to be a part of because it gets them out of the mundane of motherhood/homemaking.  But in the midst of the mundane is where you see Christ and the every day blessings that have been given to you.  If we are so busy being busy and unpeaceful all of these little precious moments will never be revealed to us.  It is in the mundane, where you can learn the Peace of Christ.  I am going to embrace this hot July day with nothing going on with joy.  I am going to sing in my heart, "Veni, Sancte Spiritus" (come Holy Spirit in latin) while children are fighting over a toy and I want to run away!  Just as Jesus told the disciples, "As my Father has sent me, so I send you."  He is sending us mothers into these mundane days of motherhood to be Christ for our children.  As we sit at the feet of our children and read books, play trucks or change diapers, we are sitting at the feet of Christ.  We are being a "Mary" instead of a "Martha"....finding peace and joy at the feet of Jesus instead of being busy with other things.  There will be days ahead that will be more exciting and fun and we can relish in those moments and be thankful.  But we are also called to be thankful in the unexciting moments of motherhood as well.

Whoo, I feel better after writing this out because I have been really struggling lately.  Yearning for something exciting to happen.  Hoping when my sister calls, she has something juicy to tell me or yearning for a change in my life!  Guilty, guilty, guilty of this nonsense of humanity. 

Peace be with you today.  Peace, Peace, Peace.  Pray for peace in these dog days of summer and you shall receive. Veni, Sancte Spiritus! The Holy Spirit is all we need to dwell in our hearts.....if we have this, we have everything.  When we call upon the Holy Spirit, we are calling on God's will to be done in our lives.  I once heard it said, "If you want the most exiciting, unexpected ride of your life, focus on nothing else than God's Will and in return you will have a life you never dreamed of or imagined!  Therefore, on this exciting road of God's Will (not yours), there will be the straight road with no scenery at times, but hold on because there are amazing views and fun and exciting twists and turns ahead!

Blessings to you this Thursday.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Watering Our Soul for a Good Harvest....

I just returned from our very first early mother's prayer group.  A handful of us mothers are meeting in the gardens of our Parish at 5:30 AM twice a month to consecrate our families, parish and nation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary.  What a beautiful and spiritual morning it soul is refreshed!  Now back to the grind....  It is hard after having such a peaceful and beautiful encounter with Heaven, as I just did, to come back in to the daily grind of motherhood.  However, I already feel the graces from Heaven trinkling down upon me to help me get through yet another dog day of summer with restless kids.

In today's gospel, Jesus tells us a parable comparing the different types of soil.  I can't help but think of the state of the family in today's society.  How many mothers and fathers are truly living and yearning to have good soil to raise up fruitful children? Here is an archive from my blog on this subject.  I don't have much time to write so here is a meditation from several months ago....

"Some seeds fell in good soil, and the plants had thirty grains, others sixty, and other one hundred." Mathew 13:1-13

The question I ask myself and you today is "What kind of soil are we?" Are our seeds (our children) having to grow in shallow soil, dry soil, soil with thorn bushes, or good soil? What makes for good and bad soil? Shallow soil doesn't have deep rooted faith to help the seeds grow...dry soil shows the seeds their unhappiness and doesn't give the seeds hope to live and be joyful to the Lord....soil with thorn bushes is choked by materialism and greed and teaches the seeds to always yearn for more. But good soil means to be in daily prayer, to yearn for holiness. Good soil distinguishes the difference between life on earth and life in heaven and radiates with joy and love for the Lord even in disappointment and hard times. The most important task of good soil is to give their life for their seeds (the family) and to help the seeds grow and bear much fruit.

So today, whatever is keeping your soil from growing seeds of goodness and love, then get your rake and shovel and get to work. (This goes for me especially!) Pull up those nasty weeds that are covering the good soil....rake up the old leaves that are smothering the fresh soil, and water and nuture this good soil with prayers and joy for the Lord. In turn, your little seeds will sprout and grow higher and higher towards Heaven's gates!

Blessings to you this Wednesday!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Gospel Reading today Mathew 11:28-30
"For the yoke I will give you is easy and the load I put on you is light." Mathew 11:30

I have never noticed until this morning the pictures in my bible that are above this verse.  There is a sketched figure of a man carrying a heavy box, another with a cane, another man bent down with his hand on his head in distress and then a woman with three children around her feet and carrying another.  One little one is reaching up at her mother to hold her but the mother is carrying the baby.  There are so many times I am holding Anna Claire and Clementine wants to be held as well.  So what do I do?  I pick up Clementine and hold one on each hip for a few minutes.  I am small in stature and this isn't easy, but we mothers will go to great lengths to carry our heavy loads.  This is one of my most favorite verses in the bible.  As I was meditating on this verse this morning in prayer, I was thinking that the load of motherhood that God gives us is not is quite heavy.  Children constantly "needing" something from us all through the day.....the whines, the cries, the exhaustion of no sleep, the ever flowing things to be picked up, dishes to be done, and the list goes on of the heavy load that we mothers have.  However, it dawned on me that WE are the ones that make the load heavier than it is suppose to be.  We have so many distractions and we put SO many other duties and things on our plate that we are the ones that make it stressful and heavy to carry.  Since my computer has strangely vanished from my home, I notice my load is lighter.  Since I don't pile all kinds of camps, activities, play dates on my schedule, I notice my load is lighter.  In all honestly, if we soley focus on the load that the Lord gives us in caring for our husband, children and our home, the load is manageable.  Is it easy, no?  But nothing that is worth anything in life is easy to obtain.  Growing a child in your womb is not easy but the outcome is beautiul.  Growing your own business is not easy, but the outcome of the Lord's Will is awesome.  Pretty much anything the Lord asks of us is not easy, but He helps us each and every moment with the tasks given to us to help us carry the Load.  It is we humans, especially in today's society, that make the load so much heavier. 

So today, start simplifing your life.  Get rid of all of the distractions that are keeping you from your "load" at the moment.  You will find a much more peaceful and tranqil heart.  God says he is "gentle and humble" in spirit.  He is not asking you to have such a heavy load but live a gentle, humble and simple life.  Our Blessed Mother is constantly telling us this in her messages of Medjugorje for the past 29 years. She says:
"If you want to be very happy, live a simple, humble life, pray a great deal, do not delve into your problems, but let yourselves be guided by God."  She is our Heavenly Mother always gently guiding us closer to her Son.  She is clearly tellling us to not complicate our lives but live only for Jesus. I will share with you a message I believe that was placed on my heart from Our Lord Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration in Medjugorje.  "Live like no one is watching but Me."  That is my new motto!  I am not hear to please anyone outside my domestic cathedral (my home).  I am here to only please God first, my husband second and children third....the rest is just bonus and in God's timing, not my own complicated timing. "Charity begins at Home."-Mother Theresa.

I do love not having a computer in my home but I also terribly miss writing daily for Jesus.  I am still in the works on getting a new computer, but taking my time because I am actually relishing in the peace.
Blessings to you all this Thursday!  Keep on being warriors for your family.  By being warriors for your family,  you are warriors for this Nation.  For we are the ones raising the next generation.  Please ad our country and our soldiers in your daily prayers.  The state of our Nation is crucial and it is up to the prayer warriors of our nation to make things change.  "Pray, Pray, Pray" as Our Lady of Heaven says frequently!

Friday, July 9, 2010


This picture was taken on top of Apparition Hill where the Blessed Mother first started apearing to the six visionaries.  The village of Medjugorje from this view was breathtaking.  Climbing the hill was very difficult as you can see the path (below) was very rocky.  Many people climbing where elderly or half crippled.
This was a picture at the international Mass that
took place every evening outside of St. James church.  Thousands of people of different faiths, hundreds of priests, beautiful music and the Holy Spirit so present that tears would stream down my eyes.  I am crying just thinking about it now. It was truly a "CATHOLIC" (which means universal) mass.This place is truly Heaven on earth.

The "Medjugorje Girls"
Michele (far left) had just found out she was pregnant with her fourth a week before we left for our trip!   My sister Holly, a homeschool mother of three, Christy is a mother of four boys and there there is me. What an amazing group of women.....we are so blessed to know one another and share in the same Faith and love and passion for motherhood.  We will forever be bonded after experiencing this life-changing event together.

 Cross mountain....took us 4 hours to climb the third day.  It was amazing! The last day we were there, Holly and Christy climbed Cross mountain again.  Holly is a runner and ran up the very rocky mountain.  This is the two of them in prayer after they arrived to the top.
We definitely had some fun too!  Below are a few evenings we cut loose a little bit.  Everything in moderation ofcourse! :)

 .....we celebrated an amazing day with a cold one! (and man did it taste good!)
Celebrating Christy's birthday outside our hotel overlooking the vineyards & mountains with a glass (or few) of the local wine. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Working without Pay....or praises for that matter!

Gospel Reading Mathew 10:1-7
"You have received without paying, so give without being paid." Mathew 10:8

Jesus told His disciples this very verse, which is stated above. In regards to motherhood, we are given these children at no cost. All we did was give ourselves to God for Him to create in us, with the union of our husband, a most perfect gift and a soul that will live forever into Eternity. How many of us after a time being, want to be paid for this hard work? Maybe not in cash (that wouldn't be so bad), but in praises & acknowledgment. How many of us have said, "my husband doesn't have a clue what I do everyday!" How many mothers are leaving these priceless gifts to actually be paid because the work of raising souls for eternity isn't sufficient enough for them? They choose a pay check over caring for every need of their most perfect gift. Instead they pay someone else to do the job.

In Medjugorje, I felt the need through prayer to speak truth. Truth is hard to hear, but someone has to speak up because this world is becoming deaf mute. People just say what everyone wants to hear. Motherhood is the very key to the salvation of the world. "The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world." Mothers have more power in the world inside their homes raising children then behind a desk as CEO of a company. The tough, no frills kind of women that choose to take care of their family first and foremost are the women that are on the frontlines of this war of society vs. Heaven. There is no more important task this very moment then you caring for your husband, children and home the very best you can. In doing this, you are allowing God to work His greatest miracles through your hands.

So today, stop the nonsense of needing compliments and praises from others (especially our husbands), for the Holy work you do. In the end, it is going to be you and Jesus face to face. At that point, no compliments were necessary from others here on earth. He will no every single act of your service you did on earth. Are you going to be able to look Him in the eye as you gaze down upon your children and husband on earth and say you gave it your all. Will He say He is proud of you for your humble service of laying down your life for others? That you lost your life to save others by not recieivng money and praises for your work on earth?

Let it begin today....let your willing smile and joyful servant's heart beam with love and gratitude for all that you have been given. Every ounce of work you do today and everyday for your family is holy.

Our Blessed Mother Mary is a powerful prayer warrior for families. It is up to the family to bring society back to the heart of life and Christianity. There is all the confusion in the noncatholic world about Mary. The most simple way to put it is asking Mother Mary to pray for you is just like asking a friend to pray for you, the only difference is that she is Jesus' mother and Queen of Heaven. I have noticed through her prayers to her Son for me as a mother, she is helping strip the distractions of my job away. I don't think it is coincidence that my email is unfixable at the moment and now my new computer has been taken away. Through this, I have found an unbelievable peace in my heart and in my home. My children are happier and more joyful and I find more time for prayer and important tasks around the home. The only reason I need a computer is to write this blog and to pay bills. I honestly don't know if or when I will bring back "the world" into my home. For now until I get a new computer, I will be writing on Wednesdays only. For those of you who are consumed with facebook, blogging, email...take a step back and evaluate how much time you are on the computer. This is valuable time to be focusing on the true, most important task at hand and instead the time is wasting away looking at other peoples lives, pictures, nonsense that one will find on facebook. Do as you will, but just be aware.

Before I leave, I want to share with you a message that was given by Our Blessed Mother to the world on July 31, 1989. Her messages are for the entire world....people of all religions as God loves each and every soul on earth. She is appearing on earth to bring people closer to her son. In a world that has forgotten about Jesus, she is a loving mother that desires for no one to forget what her son did for us on earth and remind us of His endless love and mercy. The following message is in regards to the family:
"Dear Children, tonight especially I would like to invite all the parents in the world to find time for their children and family. May they offer love to their children. May this love that they offer be parental and Motherly love. Once again, dear children, I call you to family prayer. During one of the previous encounters your MOther asked you to renew the family prayer. I ask that again tonight."

With family prayer, you can start by saying an extra prayer at the dinner table. Also, instead of watching TV, hold hands and say some prayers as a family. For those of you who are Catholic, pray a decade of the rosary. Easier said then done, but we are slowly working on it here at our house. You will see abundant blessings and graces if you have family prayer.

To learn more about the messages of Medjugorje, go to

Blessings to you this Wednesday!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Experience of a Lifetime!

I just returned from my trip to Medjugorje & I feel like I am still walking on Heaven's cloud! It was truly the best experience of my life. Without a doubt if you don't do anything else in your lifetime, this experience is a must. As mothers with young children, this place & encounter with Heaven will help you see raising children in this day & age in a whole new light. I am anxious to spread the messages from Heaven with all of you; however, my computer is currently out of service. I will hopefully be back to writing by next week.
Blessings to you this Thursday. Pray for our Nation!