Monday, August 3, 2009


"Do not work for food that spoils; instead, work for the food that lasts for eternal life." John 6:27

I have always loved this verse. Because my husband and I are in the food business, it is a reminder of why we are truly called. In the early days of our bakery business, I would hang this verse up in the kitchen as we were working 18-20 hour days and barely getting by. It was a reminder that we were not opening up a bakery business to make millions (although that would be great), we were working so hard to give to others our talents and gifts. Through the food that my husband slaved over, people were awed, touched, some in tears! Through my welcome arms into the bakery, people felt loved and important. It has been six years since we went into busienss for ourselves and I have a whole new respect for pioneers long ago. I believe we are the pioneers of the 21st century. The stress, worry, day to day struggles of starting a business from scratch and growing it is so unbelievably hard. We still struggle financially because our business is growing, which is a good problem, but if you let it it can take a toll on you. We make great sacrifices with me staying at home to "work for food that lasts for eternal life"....our children, while my husband continues to grow a heritage and legacy that can hopefully live on in future generations to come.

It is so easy to get side tracked on working for food that spoils....I would love a bigger home, a fancier, cleaner car, couture clothing and Clint dreams some day of being able to sit back as his business runs itself, but that is not what will make us happy and bring each other and our children to eternal life. What brings us contentment is the day to day struggles and peace in our hearts knowing that we are working for "food" that doesn't spoil and "food" that will live on.

So as we gathered around the dinner table last night, I truly was thankful for all we needed at that very moment. A roof over our head, food on the table and our love for each other. It was a great reminder of what really matters in life. So today, look at your precious children and your husband and be thankful for the food that will last forever. For as mothers, we work everyday for food that doesn't spoil.....our children that will live forever.

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Happy feast of the Archangels! I am at EWTN filming.

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