Friday, July 31, 2009


"Bring a sheaf of the first fruits of your harvest." Leviticus 23:10

This is the daily reading for today in masses around the world. As I read my devotional book today, it opened my eyes to a whole new meaning of abundant harvests, first read those words all through scripture. So what are our first fruits we bring to God? Number one, your prayer life and relationship with God, and secondly, our families. God tells us to be "fruitful and multiply". What an abundant harvest with have, together with our husbands, in our children. We are to offer our labor and work in the fields each and every day to the Lord so our harvest will be our children can be raised to know and love and serve the Lord with all of their hearts. As mothers, our tree of life has given fruit to this world and for eternity and our purpose needs to be to make sure the fruit doesn't go bad, that the fruit becomes rich in flavor and nourishes others. Again, as I always say, our greatest work on earth as mothers, is to raise our children and nurture our family......the tree of life that has deep roots and bears much fruit for the Lord.

Today look at your abundant harvest and ask how you can tend to your crop better and more faithfully as a servant of our Lord Jesus.
Have a blessed weekend!

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