Thursday, August 6, 2009

Teaching our children to experience Heaven on Earth

"Jesus was transfigured before them, and his clothes became dazzling white....Then a cloud, casting a shadow over them. Mark 9:2-3,7

How can we teach our children to experience Heaven while they are here on earth? How can we teach them to see Jesus in others and the all of the celestial court in church with us in our homes? Every morning when my children get up, they come and sit on my lap in my "prayer room".....a formal sitting room where I have a table with a statue of the Blessed Mother, a picture of our ancestors, a crucifix and a prayer candle. They sit in my lap and say "Morning, Jesus. Morning, Blessed Mother." Sometimes they will grab the crucifix and kiss Jesus's hands and feet...his ouchies. While in church, I picture beautiful Angels flying and singing above us and I see "look at the Angels!". And when the Eucharist is transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ, I picture Jesus coming down from Heaven, with His peirced hands and feet and standing next to the priest. He is present for us to recieve Him and be nourished spiritually, mentally and physically. When we are heading up to communion, I say "let's go see Jesus!" This might all sound crazy, but it helps me to see Heaven here on earth. I truly believe and we have been told that Heaven is among us......the Blessed Mother is there with us in the middle of the night when we are rocking our babies and praying the rosary, Jesus is at the Kitchen sink with us when we ask Him for help to get through the day. Our loved ones who are now gone are here with us, praying for us and fully present in our lives. For the Communion of Saints are all of us here on earth, our loved ones in Heaven, Jesus and all of the angels and Saints united together in the Body and Blood of Christ.

So the next time you are having an ordinary day or your mind is drifiting off in Church, transfigure that moment into a glowing beautiful moment of Heaven truly present in your midst. And as we go about raising our children, maybe we can all help them start seeing heaven on earth and it will guide them in their decisions and actions if they know Jesus and all of the celestial court are right there by their side.

Have a blessed Thursday!