Monday, August 24, 2009


Gospel Reading from Sunday, August 23rd.
"Many of the followers heard this and said, 'This teaching is too hard'." John 6:60

Life is hard. There is no doubt about that. It is so much easier to take the lazy road in life or the road that the world paves in gold but dead ends. As mothers, taking the easy road is not always best for your family. Being called to the vocation of Motherhood is a challenging call but by following God's Will for you and devoting your life to your family, you will recieve Eternal rewards in the end. How much easier it is to not discipline your children like you should or eat out everynight instead of cooking a meal and sitting down at the dinner table together as family or finding fullfillment outside your home and family. Just as Jesus's followers decided the road to eternal life was too hard, we have to make the decision to grin and bear it and be the mother and wife Jesus calls us to be, which is the road to self donation and love. Or we can decide His way is too hard for us and take the easy road of selfishness and pride where we find empty promises in the end. Why do we women today think we need to be "pampered" all the time? Look at the women who have gone before us.....they were strong, tough, wise. There was no pampering for them. They did their job without complaining and we reep the benifts from their hard work. The path to Heaven is not paved with pampering and luxury, the tougher the better because that means God is at great work in you.

So if you find yourself today, tomorrow or next week thinking how hard motherhood is and how sacrificing financially, physically, or mentally is too much, think of Jesus and the words of Eternal Life. "What gives life is God's spirit; man's power is of no use at all." John 6:63 Giving your life to your family is giving your life to Jesus. It is not always the easy road but it is the path that brings amazing rewards.

God Bless you this Monday!

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