Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The greatest in the kingdom is the one who humbles himself and becomes like a child. And whoever welcomes in my name one such child as this, welcomes me." Mathew 18-4-5

We have pure Heaven in our midst every day in our children.....how blessed we are as Mothers to recieve such purity and love from God's hands. Although some days it might seem more like "hell", we are reminded in this verse today that by welcoming children, we welcome Jesus. I get the biggest kick from watching my children get excited over the smallest, simplest things in life; like a blue sucker from the bank, a piece of bubble gum from the store, new markers to color with and how can I forget sprinkles on their icecream.....you would think Disneyland just arrived on our front doorstep! I always think to myself, "oh, if life was really that simple". But Jesus tells us we are to learn from these simple minded, innocent children in our midst. They have no worries, they take joy out of the simple things in life, they yearn for our love and our precense, they are excited and greatful to be alive. This is how the Lord calls us to live our life.
So the next time you find yourself stressed out, just dance around the living room with your children to "Mama Mia" and dance like no one is watching! Or get down on the floor and play trucks for awhile like you use to when you were a child.....the laundry can wait. As we are the first teachers of our children, they can be teachers for us. Let us try learning from them today and take a deep breath and know the Lord is always present in our life, especially in our children. Relax and have fun with these silly little angels from Heaven!
God Bless your day!

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