Tuesday, August 4, 2009


"Give me wisdom that sits beside your throne; give me a place among your children. I am your servant, as was my mother before me. I am only human. I am not strong, and my life will be short." Wisdom of Solomon 9:4-5
"Send wisdom from the holy heavens, down from your glorious throne, so that she may work at my side, and I may learn what pleases you. She knows and understands everything, and will guide me intelligently in what I do." Wisdom 9:10-11

How amazing that we can grow in such heavenly wisdom through these little creatures that test our nerves and drive us absolutely crazy sometimes! Our children are nothing but God's greatest gift and saving grace for our souls. Through mothering our children, we have our Lord Jesus right next to us, guiding us and teaching us in our vocation of motherhood. Through the difficulities of motherhood, we gain His courage, patience, and enduring love that helps us persevere through the hard days and count our endless blessings. We learn to have a servants heart through becoming a mother, which is the greatest transformation of the heart that we can acheive.

So today, thanks be to God for these precious souls that are nurturing us just as much as we are nurturing them. They are our pathway to Heaven! Thanks be to God!

Have a wonderful Tuesday.....

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