Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Truth of Motherhood Will Set You Free!

Gospel Reading Today John 8:31-42
"If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:31-32

The gospel reading today immediately made me think of realizing the truth in motherhood. Once a mother knows the truth & purpose of motherhood, she becomes free. Free from the lies of Satan and the world regarding motherhood. When the mother knows the truth, the chains are broken. She is released from the prison of self pity, self worthiness and selfishness and set free to run in the lush green pastures of joy through self abandonment to Christ. As we begin to see our lives played out as servants of Christ, our daily works become noble, honorable, good, pleasing, and perfect. Each diaper we change, sippy cup we give, knee we kiss becomes holy. We hear the cries in the middle of the night as the voice of Christ and go in haste to care for Him in our little ones. We lay down our yearnings to keep sleeping to go and check on the sick. Instead of throwing a pillow and yelling out a curse word (like I use to do), I offer it up as a form of fasting/prayer ang gently and lovingly tend to their needs.

Our little homes become Cathedrals & we start living the gospel when we are set free with the truth. The truth of motherhood is: Mothers did not come to this earth to be served, but to serve. The mother who is humble shall be exhaulted. The mother who is exhaulted shall be humbled. Our Queenship lies in Heaven not with the ways of this world. That is why every mother's knee shall bend in the name of Jesus. When a mother bends her knees to pick up a child, she picks up Jesus. When a mother bends down to wash her children in the bathtub, she is being cleansed in Christ as the bathwater transforms into Holy Water. Every act of motherhood when performed in love is holy. Perfect Love=Sacrifice. We have the greatest example in Jesus who sacrificed His life for us. He didn't expect to have praises, he didn't demand luxury, he didn't become bitter towards His Father....He did everything with a servants heart and everything out of complete and perfect love. As mothers, we can accomplish pure joy in our duties here on earth by seeing Marriage & Motherhood as the works of Christ on earth. This is the exact reason why our vocation is one of, if not the, holiest & greatest work we can do on earth. Nothing else matters when compared to this career, no wardrobe, no house, no vacation can measure up to the great importance that we have under the roof of our homes. This is the truth of motherhood and I hope in hearing this message to day you will start living in Freedom.

Today, look around you and see the face of Christ in your husband and children. Whatever you do for the least of these people, you do for Him.

Blessings to you this Wednesday!

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