Thursday, March 4, 2010


Gospel reading today Luke 16:19-31
"The poor man died and was carried by the angels to sit beside Abraham at the feast in heaven." Luke 16:22

This is a beautiful gospel reading today about the rich man and the poor man. We are reminded through this gospel that the poor and the lowly will feast at the table in Heaven. And the rich man who didn't even give the poor man scraps from his table on earth gazes at the poor man feasting in Heaven as he thirsts and hungers for eternity. The last will be first and the first will be last.

As mothers, I think it is crucial for us to teach our children to see Jesus in the less fortunate. To teach them how to dine with the Govenor but at the same time sit at the table with the poorest of poor and feel touched and humbled by the presence of God. Our children should NEVER feel they are above ANYONE. They will learn this valuable lesson from their greatest teachers....their parents. So how do we teach our children these gospel lessons? I am constantly asking the Lord myself. I believe they will learn through our actions. For instance, this past weekend after selling our breads at the farmers market, we had alot left over. Instead of taking it back to the bakery and tossing it, we were told there was the hungry unemployed across the street. As my husband moaned and groaned about going over there, I looked at him and said let's go. As these hungry and thirsty souls jumped on the truck and I watched in fear, I saw my sweet husband take control and told them in spanish "no work, just bread". He opened the big back door of the truck and started handing out beautiful artisan bread....the gift of finest wheat to these hungry and poorest of souls. They took the bread and raised it to heaven with the biggest smiles. My three children watched in amazement at all of these people begging for bread and they witnessed their father giving out the bread he had worked so hard to bake. I was overjoyed by what we did as a family and can't wait to do it again. These acts of generosity and kindess are life changing for our children. It is crucial we teach them these valuable lessons. Instead of being at the baseball field, my 4 year old son helped sell bread at the farmers market and then gave to the poor. Not they he won't play baseball (because he LOVES it) but he will do both. I refuse to turn from these ways of the past of working together as a family like the pioneers, to sit at the baseball fields and be filled with pride of how cute my son is and do this just because everyone else is doing it. Yes, children learn so much from sports, but we tend to think that is the only thing we are suppose to be doing on the weekends (especially in Texas). Are we teaching our children how to just be first or are we teaching them how to be last as well? Think outside the box and think of how you can teach your children work ethic and generosity at a young age. I'm constantly thinking outside the box because I refuse to do what is "standard" in today's society. For there is not alot of wisdom in this world who thinks we are so smart and wonderful.

The ways of the past, the ways of the past, the ways of the much wisdom and insight. Think today about your ancestors who have gone before you. You will more than likely learn something very valuable this day just by pondering on the simply, faithful lives they led.

Blessings to you this Thursday!

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