Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It takes a WOMAN to be a MOTHER

Gospel Reading today Mathew 23:1-12
"The greatest among you must be your servant. Whoever makes himself great will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be made great." Mathew 23:11-13

It takes a real woman to become a mother and have a servant's heart. In a world that is described in the gospel reading today....."they tie onto people's backs heavy loads that are heavy and hard to carry, yet they aren't willing even to lift a finger to help carry these loads. They do everything so that people will see them. They love the best places at feasts and the reserved seats in the synagogues; they love to be greeted with respect at the market place..." Mathew 23:4-8 IF this doesn't desribe our world, I don't know what will. People are consumed with having a "maid", a "nanny", "reserved seating or suite", "second homes", "a name in the town so they will be treated as royalty", these are all things people work towards their whole lives. I frankly can not stand it when a mother/woman says her "maid" is coming to her home. How about "Anna, who helps clean my home is coming today". NO ONE is beneath us....not the sacker at the grocery store, not the non-english speaking waiter who fills your glass with water, not the bellman who helps get your bags in. More than likely these people will be exhaulted and the people who treat them as lowly servants will be humbled before the Lord.

In regards to motherhood, anyone can be a "mother", but it takes a real strong woman to truly be a mother that God has called mothers to be. Women have to dig down deep and get tough and look at themselves as a servant to the rest of their family. Whoo, what a contradiction to the world that is! It is the day-in and day-out exhausting, selfless work in motherhood that makes us great. We humble ourselves before our family and the Lord and when we leave this earth we will be exhaulted. Our work is not of this world....it is Eternal. We live in a world where everyone is looking for the easy road out. For alot of women, motherhood is just too hard. I get asked all of the time, "I just don't know how you do it." The part time moms always ask me this and I simply say, "because it is what we are all called to do." Some of us are tough enough to do the job, others are too weak. Many mothers search to be great outside of their home and choose to be self-fullfilled while someone else does the dirty work. However, I have dear friends who are called to be both outside and inside their homes, not because it is too hard but because God gives them the grace to do both. If you think about it, anything great in this life, even down to The Passion of Christ, is hard. Nothing easy turns out good. In a world who wants to immediately be CEO after graduating college, a "mother" who wants the sassy stroller, nursery and nanny because that is what is "society chic", the child who inherits the family's business and immediately has everything handed to him is looked to be "blessed".....this all is very sad if you ask me. These are the people who look down upon the lowly and exhaults herself. These are the weak souls of society that is making our wholesome country disinegrate. It is the mothers who are tough and take on their job fully and do not complain and perform heroic duties daily in their homes where no one sees. These are the humble servants of today's world that is the backbone of our society. For when you humble yourself and become a servant of the rest, you have taken up your vocation from the Lord fully and will be blessed.

Keep up the hard work, mothers, and don't back down to this pagan world.
Blessings to you this Tuesday!

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Frugal Jen said...

Kim this is an incrediable post! Thank you for your insight and courage to speak the truth. I admire that honesty with love approach you convey so well.