Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Gospel reading today Mathew 20:17-28
"If one of you wants to be great, he must be the servant of the rest; like the Son of Man, who did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life to redeem many people." Mathew 20:26,28

Well, here it is. My all time favorite verse in regards to motherhood. This verse says it all. If we mothers want to be great, we must be the servant of the rest. Christ did not come to be served here on earth. Instead, he was a humble servant and gave his life up for everyone else. Sound familiar? We, as mothers, constantly give of our life for everyone else. This is why motherhood, I believe, is the greatest vocation on earth. It mirrors so closely the life of Christ. As the mother of the two sons in today's gospel asked Jesus if her sons could sit at the left and the right of him in his Kingdom, she was asking for them to be royalty because in her mind, that is what she thought life would be like with Jesus, our King. And Jesus simply replied, "Can you drink the cup of suffering that I am about to drink?" Walking with Jesus daily and sitting on his left and right side is not easy. It is for sure not royalty on earth! We are told over and over in the gospel that we have to take up our cross to walk with Jesus. We are to lay down our lives for a friend/family....that is serving Jesus through the greatest act we can perform on earth, which is love. Motherhood=love. Love=self-sacrifice. Self-sacrifice=eternal rewards.

It is a crying shame that motherhood has become such a deminished vocation that was once looked upon in the highest regards. The more children one had, the more blessed they were. Satan has had his hand in all of this I guarantee you. If he can break up the family and deminish the vocation of motherhood, than he is deminishing the holiness of society. I believe this is why so many women look outside the home for self-worth as well as materialistic pride. If Satan can gradually take women out of the home and make them think they need to be served instead of served, than he is winning in the battle against the family. However, it is not too late. This is one of the very reasons I am devoted to writing this blog every morning. To remind mothers that the work they do is the holiest work on earth. Is it easy? No. Is it glamorous and thought of as royalty? Heck no! But is it similar to the work of Christ? Yes. Will motherhood bring you face to face with Jesus someday? Yes. Will souls be saved in our care? Yes. THIS is what motherhood is all about. TO SERVE christ by serving others.

So today, as you are going about your daily routines of carpooling, laundry, grocery shopping, sweeping crumbs, breaking up arguments, standing at your holy alter (the kitchen sink)....whatever it is, know it is nothing short of Holy. You are walking in the midst of Heaven by serving God's Kingdom on earth. You may be a "servant" here on earth, but your rewards are abundant for eternity. Life is short, so serve with all your heart!

Blessings to you this Wednesday!

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