Monday, February 15, 2010

Walking on Holy Grounds.....Your Home.

Gospel reading today Mark 8:11-13
"And he sighed deeply in his spirit, and said, 'Why does this generation seek a sign? Truly, I say to you, no sign shall be given to this generation." Mark 8:12

This morning as I prayed the gospels (the joyful mysteries of the rosary), I meditated on humility. The greatest gift to mankind was born of a humble servant. The king was born in the most humble of humble places....a barn that was adorned with smelly hay and animals. The earthly father of the King was a humble and poor carpenter who was overwhelmed with responsibilty of caring for Jesus, the son of man, and his mother that would someday be Queen of Heaven. This was the beginning of showing mankind that humility is the greatest virtue we can carry here on earth.....for our greatest teacher Jesus was humble from the very beginning of His life. After pondering these beautiful thoughts and life lessons, we arrive in our world today. A world filled with pride and arrogance. I am reminded how much we are all like the Pharisees, demanding a "sign" from the Heavens in order to truly believe and live a humble life. While waiting for the sign, we are consumed with chasing worldy, nice things, climbing the corporate ladder, exceptance, acknowledgement.....all things that are filled with pride which is the opposite of Christ's teaching, humility.

I believe motherhood is one of the most humble vocations on earth. We humble ourselves before the Lord and say "yes" to growing God's child in our womb and committing to God to raise His child the best we can to prepare her for eternity. Because it is such a humble duty where we lay down our lives for others (our family), so many women turn from the humble duties of motherhood to earthly desires and successes. In a world that continues to become more prideful, the humble vocation of motherhood starts to diminish. Mothers who humbly give themselves to their families are not waiting for a "sign" like the pharisees. We are trusting in God that our work that we do day in and day out is for a higher purpose. We are not living for this world, but living for the things above. We are humbling ourselves before the Lord each and every day crying out, "Lord, let your will be done in me." For this, we will have a special place prepared for us in Heaven. For we are humbly caring for God's flock and not chasing "things" that will waste away. We are chasing toddlers that will eventually become disciples for Christ and live eternally in God's kingdom.

So today, know the work you are doing is the greatest work on earth. Yes, it is a mundane monday but in Heaven's eyes it is a holy monday where you, as a mother, have been given a gift this very day. To be in the presence of Christ by being in the presence of His children. You are walking on Holy grounds.....the floors of your home....your "mini-Nazareth".

Blessings to you this Holy Monday!


Lisa Marie said...

Thanks for this... I just had to say, that I needed this so much today, and have been blessed. I'm due (today) with baby number 3... and as I try to keep up with the other two, I'm honored God's called me to this vocation, however "miserable" at the moment! ;) Blessings to you and yours!

Kim Venneman Cooper said...

Oh, Lisa Marie, it is so normal and OKAY to say you are miserable this very moment. Chasing toddlers while pregant and due any day is absolute hell! You are sharing in the sufferings of Jesus at this very moment. You are being scorged at the pillar as you can barely walk yet are constantly picking up and caring for your other two children. Rest in the arms of Jesus because you are receiving more graces than you can imagine this very day. You are laying down your life at this very moment for Jesus and His Kingdom. Just remember you only have about 1% of yourself to give to your family during these days before giving birth. The baby in your belly is taking up 99% of you and you only have that 1% to give, so don't be to hard on yourself. Just be in survival mode....make sure your children are fed and safe and that is about all you need to do!
Love to you and yours!