Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Living the faith in your little "home" town

Gospel reading today Mark 6:1-6
"Where did he get all this?" Mark 6:1

The gospel reading today talks about how you can't be a prophet in your own home town. When Jesus went back to Nazareth to preach, everyone rejected Him. I relate the gospel today to Mothers and Fathers who don't live the faith yet send their children to Christian schools or Sunday school. They know deep down in their hearts that they need to be teaching their children about the faith, yet they want someone else to do it. So the parents are comforted when they know that their children are getting some what of a "christian foundation" taught by someone else. However, when the parents go to teach their children when it is too late about right from wrong, dark from light, the children might look to them as the people of Nazareth looked at Jesus and say "where did you get all of this? How can you tell me to do as Jesus did, when I hardly know Jesus?"

I don't want to place judgement upon anybody. This is simply the truth and reality. If the faith is not lived by the parents, the children will not come to know the faith. If you don't go to church on sunday yet send your children to a faith formation class during the week or send them to a christian school, they will not "digest" the message fully from their other teachers because their first teachers (their parents) are not teaching them. So as mothers, we want our children to not be "hometown onlookers" of being surprised in middle school when we try to teach them about Jesus and following the light. They will look at us like the hometown people of Nazareth looked at Jesus and say "who the heck our you trying to tell me about Jesus?"

So today, teach your children about living the faith in all that you do. Ask for forgiveness when you slip up and yell out in frustration. Show your excitement about keeping holy the Lord's day. Don't wait until it is too late to teach your kids about the faith and don't expect someone else to teach your children the most important lesson you could ever teach them....the foundation of their faith.

Blessings to you this Wednesday!

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