Friday, February 12, 2010

Pray & Believe

Gospel Reading today Mark 7:31-37
"He even causes the deaf to hear and the mute to speak!" Mark 7:37

I just experienced a breath of Heaven on earth just now. We got 9-11 inches of snow and our busy street is deathly quiet. The trees are covered gently with snow....even the tiny little branches. The trees blend in with the gray sky as if we are one with the heavens. There is not a soul to be seen or a noise to be heard....just complete peace. I could have stood out there for hours. I pray every morning, as I lift up my intentions of the rosary, for world peace. I just experienced a bit of world peace today. It is in the little miracles each day that God proves to us He is listening and calls us to continue to pray and believe.

Today in the gospel I am again reminded to continue to pray and believe that my son, Benjamin, will be healed of his hearing loss. I am at complete peace with his impairment and know that God designed him perfectly. But that doesn't mean I can't pray for him to be healed of his impairment. This is why I take Ben to receieve the Sacrament of the annointing of the sick on occassion. This is why I include this prayer in my intentions with the daily rosary. I also want to take him on a pilgrimage to Medjugorie to be healed. Just as Jesus healed the deaf mute in the gospel, His power is still working in us today. Why couldn't Ben be healed if I pray and believe?

So this morning, whatever "impairment" you or your family member are facing, pray and believe firmly that you will be healed. What is faith if we can't ask for our innermost yearnings? Look for the peace of heaven in your midst today.....I bet you will find your child's eyes, in the new fallen snow, in your toddler's giggles....there you will find a little slice of heaven.

Blessings to you this Friday!

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