Thursday, February 4, 2010


Gospel Reading today Mark 6:7-13
"And if any place will not receive you and they refuse to hear you, when you leave, shake off the dust that is on your feet...."

There are very few times I read the gospel and have a hard time linking the reading to our vocation in motherhood. This one has been a little hard this morning.... As mothers, if our children do not hear us and refuse to listen, we can't shake the dust off our feet and forget about just doesn't work that way in Motherhood! However, I am reminded today through the gospel that our children can learn from us to "shake the dust of their feet" when someone doesn't treat them right or when they stand up for the truth. A person can not continue to be sugary sweet to someone when that particular person doesn't do what is right and treats you and your family with disrespect. We are called to stand up for truth and it is SO hard sometimes. Confrontation is not an easy thing to do. It is so much easier to look the other way and to not say a word. But if we are going to live the gospels, we are called to speak the truth and if the person doesn't listen we are to "shake the dust of our feet" and leave knowing we stood for the truth and they did not except. I have a hard time with this one because we are also told in the gospel to turn the other cheek and to be peacemakers. But I believe we have to stand up and speak out if there is someone who is disrespecting a family member. You never know through speaking the truth, if that particular person will "not listen" but internally is listening. We also have to show our love and devotion for our family members (even outside our nucleus family)by standing up for them.

We want our children to stand firm in their faith and by learning from us "to shake the dust off our feet" by standing for truth. We also need to teach them after speaking the truth to continue going about their business by not dwelling on the situation. This will teach them a valuable lesson in life....possibly a survival method in today's world.

Blessings to you this Thursday!

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