Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Mother's Delicate Heart

Gospel Reading today Luke 2:22-30
"And sorrow like a sharp sword will break your heart." Luke 2:35

My 18 month old was up early coughing so she sat with me while I drank coffee and prayed the rosary this morning. As I watched how preciuos she was giving her baby doll a bottle and "talking" to her baby, I thought I wouldn't trade this very moment for the world. A perfect gift before my eyes...so sweet, innocent, protected, delicate, and pure as heaven. As I meditated on the fourth sorrowful mystery of the rosary, Jesus carrying the cross, I was reminded of the image in the movie, The Passion of Christ, where Jesus falls down the second time when carrying His cross. Mother Mary begins running towards Him and has a flash back of running towards Jesus when he fell down as a child. As I looked at Anna Claire, I cherished in my heart that very moment and thought to myself how precious these times are before one day we have to help our children carry their crosses in life. As I help Benjamin, my four year old son, carry his cross daily with his hearing impairment, I know the struggles and heartache of helping your child carry their cross. And this is nothing compared to the big huge heavy crosses that my children might bear when they are older.

Just as Mary's heart was pierced by a sword at the death of her son, our hearts, too, may be pierced with a sword some day. That is why this time while they are little is SO precious. A time that is so sweet and blissful for their little souls. Relish in this time and let your heart embrace this season of your life, so if for some reason your heart is pierced, you will remember these precious times and know you enjoyed it and did not rush it away. You relished in it and did not wish for them to be older. You were present to them and did not hand them off to someone else to go and do bigger and better things. Your hands picked them up with each fall and they rested in your arms when they wered tired, sick or scared. Then, when you or when your child leaves this time on earth, you will know you did everything you could do to love them with every ounce of love that you had in your heart. And if your heart is pierced with a sword, you will have hope in Christ and the blood poured out of your heart will be only love and thanksgiving...not dispair and regret.

Blessings to you this Tuesday!

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