Thursday, January 28, 2010


Gospel Reading today Mark Mark 4:21-25
First Reading 2 Samuel 7:18-19, 24-29
"Lord, I am not worthy of what you have already done for me, nor is my family. Yet now you are doing even more...." 2 Samuel 7:18

If we could get a glimpse of our life together with our family in Heaven, I am sure we would gasp at what we accomplished on earth. We might then realize how worthy our Lord thought we were to care for His flock and to get them to heaven. Worthy? Can you believe God chooses mothers to be worthy of caring for His children? When a woman stands on the alter to marry her husband, God chooses her worthy enough to care for him and to help him get to heaven. The moment we give birth and the nurse places in our arms the baby who has grown in our womb, God has chosen us to be worthy of caring for such a sacred gift from Heaven.
But more often then not, reality sets in, life becomes mundane, bitterness forms in our hearts towards our husbands, our children start driving us crazy everyday, we start yearning for more, we think we have lost ourselves by giving our life up for our family...and the list goes on. All the quiet whispers of lies from Satan starts building up in our hearts. All of the sudden, we might feel that our family isn't worthy of us. That we are too worthy of the home that we live in. That we are too worthy to cook and feed our flock or too worthy to scrub the bathtub. THIS KIND OF THINKING IS DANGEROUS! This kind of thinking is not from the Lord.

So the next time you start thinking that nothing is worthy of you, look to Heaven and realize that in the grand scheme of things, how are YOU worthy of such a task of raising souls for heaven and making sure your husband and children have eternal salvation? This is the greatest work on earth, and mothers have been chosen for this task? Worthy or not? Simmer down, bow down and be thankful for everything you have been given. For we are worthy of NOTHING. Everything we are given is a gift and someday we will fall to our knees in Thanksgiving when we see the real plan of God unfold through being "just a mother and wife".

Blessings to you this Thursday!

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