Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stop Looking at What Your Neighbor Has

Gospel Reading 3:7-12
First Reading 1 Samuel 18:6-9; 19:1-7

"Saul became jealous of David." 1 Samuel 18:9

Jealousy continues from the day of Saul until present day. We all become jealous from time to time and it is crucial we learn to realize when jealousy arises in hearts and turn away from this evil driven feeling immediately. We live in a world that judges success on the more money you have and the bigger home that you have. We also live in a world that teaches to constantly yearn for more which leaves us never satisfied with what God has given us. More, more, more. But in the book of wisdom it says that you will always find someone who has less than you and you will always find someone who has more. I think that is such wisdom needed in today's society. I like to say we are "chasing our tail". We have to stop this "tail chasing" game and the buck stops with the family. We have to learn to be satisfied. In turn, our children will learn that one can be happy and joyful with less. Also, they can learn that success is not in the dollar sign but in his journey of your faith. I can't wait to teach my children that hard times produces endurance and financial strain helps us to be thankful for what we have. We can help our husband and children realize that this life on earth is a blink of an eye and that every work here on earth should be focused on eternity, not what is in the bank or what fancy counter top you are picking out in your new home.

This all pertains to jealousy. Each one of us has faced it....jealous of what someone else has. Everytime I go and see my sister and see her forest for a backyard, I come back to my house and look at our little fenced in backyard and yearn for more. Everytime I am in a spacious home with tall ceilings, it is easy to come home to my little dwelling place with 8' ceilings and long for more room. When we do this, we are doing nothing but hindering our happiness here on earth and our gratefulness toward our Father. Every bit of what you have at this very moment is a gift. Wherever you are is exactly where you need to be at this very moment. There is such a bigger plan than we can imagine. While I only see the frustration of sharing a sink with my husband and small closet space, God sees my home bringing hearts closer to Christ by the presence of angels one feels when they enter or a conversion back to the faith as they see an antique picture of the Holy Family in my entry way. Or taking bread to the shunned neighbors across the street, making them feel welcome and being Christ for them. His plan is SO much greater, if only we could take off our blindfold to see His purpose for us at the present moment.

So today, stop yourself immediately, dead in your tracks, when you look at what someone else has and wish you had more in your life. This is not from the Lord. Look straight ahead on the path He has prepared for you and you alone. Do not look left and do not look right. Keep your focus on the blessings in this life that God has given you at this very moment.

Yesterday I was out on the deck with my children and looked down at my toenails to see how terrible they looked. I then glanced around at the yard, to see leaves unraked and huge weeds in my rose garden. Then it just kept scattered I kept glancing around and wishing for a neater backyard and more time to take care of myself, I realized enough’s enough! What did I do? The kids and I got busy. We cleaned up the backyard and last night Clementine and I painted our toenails red. Do I feel better? Heck yeah! So instead of wallowing in my pity and wishing for more, I became grateful for what I had and nurtured what God has given me. Gosh, I need to do this more often! Believe me, it is therapeutic!

Off to take care of a cranky baby....Blessings to you this Thursday!

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AnneMarie said...

just thr right words... ahhhhhhh
Kim, as I walk into your house I feel at ease. The kids are happy and your home is so inviting.. weeds will wait till you can get to them.. it's all about timing, realizing He is in control we need to find self control to follow His guidance. You surely are even if it seems like it is swirling around you :)