Friday, January 22, 2010

The Right Place at the Right Time

Gospel Reading today Mark 3:13-19
"Then Jesus went up a hill and called to himself the men he wanted. They came to him and he chose twelve, whom he named apostles." Mark 3:13

Talk about being at the right place at the right time! These apostles were chosen to walk with Jesus and proclaim the good news. What if James was yearning for more a few months before he met Jesus and went out of God's will to move to a different town? Or what if John had been looking at every aspect of his life negatively and decided Jesus wasn't worth following....a poor carpenter wasn't worth much so why would he want to follow in his footsteps? Could this scenerio be similar to what spoiled brats we can be at times? Not happy with God's saving grace of where we are at this very moment in our lives? Not looking at all of the abundant blessings but looking at all the blessings we don't have?

I am writing on this subject again today because I think it is such a problem in today's society and this is a perfect way for Satan to hone-in on mother's who are at home and in the monotony of caring for their families. A society who is constantly wanting more is not an easy place to live. This is where we have to turn away from worldly desires ask for the gifts of the Holy Spirit and be in prayer every morning before our family awakes. All of the sudden, we will start being content with the the life we have and the things that have been given to us. This freedom will allow us to sing praises to the Lord for the abundant blessings He has bestowed instead of wishing for more material things. I want to share a story with you. This story is an example of the power of where we are in our lives right now.....what town we live in, what home we dwell in, what church we go to...places you think you are not happy in, yet God has such a bigger plan on why you are there at this moment in your life.

"Many years ago a wealthy family in England took their children for a holiday in the country. When the children went swimming in a pool, one of the boys began to drown. The other boys screamed for help and the son of the gardener jumped in and rescued the drowning one. Later, the grateful parents asked the gardener what they could do for the youthful hero. The gardener said his son wanted to go to college. 'He wants to be a doctor,' he said. The visitors shook hands on that. 'We'd be glad to pay his way through,' they told him. When Winston Churchhill was stricken with pneumonia after the Teheran conference, the King of England instructed that the best doctor be found to save the Prime Minister. The doctor turned out to be Dr. Fleming, the developer of penicillin. 'Rarely,' said Churchill to Fleming, 'has one man owed his life twice to the same rescuer.' It was Fleming who saved Churchill in the pool." Medjugorie Day by Day by Father Richard Beyer

Our lives are just as important as the Apostles and as Winston Churchill. The power of being in the right place at the right time is just as strong in us as it was in them. Rest in knowing today, that you are exactly where you need to be and all the things you possess is way more than you need. God delights in the more simple way of life and a person who is thankful with less. Stop the fiasco of wanting more in this materialistic world. You will all the sudden become happier and have a skip in your step like never before. And guess what, you will be teaching your children one of the most valuable lessons you can ever teach them.

Blessings to you this Friday!

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