Friday, January 8, 2010

"Daddy, Please, Please!"

Gospel Reading today Luke 5:12-16

"But he would go to lonely places where he prayed." Luke 12:16

"Daddy, please, please, please give me that!" This is what I have been sounding like lately to God I am sure. I feel like a little girl begging her daddy for another barbie doll while shopping at the grocery store. However, when the house is quiet and I am in prayer, I know His will is against what I am asking but I continue to think of it and ask for it anyway. I am comforted in knowing Jesus begged the Father to take the suffering away from Him when the time came for Him to be beaten and crucified. Even though we are grown adults and have our own children to take care of, we are still God's little children and it is okay to act child like towards our Father. Because when we are childlike and begging for His will to be done, He is pleased. For we are not taking matters into our own hands, but trusting in His perfect plan.

For the past week, we have been getting our home ready to be put on the market because we found a little dream place here in our hometown with some acreage and a little more space. God knows my heart and knows I am a country girl and I yearn for some space for my children to run and play. Our business is finally starting to become fruitful; however, it is not wise to immediately have a bigger house payment, bills, etc. We need to stay tucked in our little cocoon and give it time. Is this easy? No. But is the Father's will usually easy? No. This little 1700 square foot house closes in pretty quickly on a cold and rainy day with 3 toddlers bouncing off the walls. My ear drums start to ring with a hearing impaired child locked in these little walls. The busy street is a nuisance because my children can't play out front because I fear the worst. But for now, the tiny house payment is nice and this little home who has taken care of us for five years is not ready to let us go. Although I am kicking and screaming, wanting more, God is quietly shaking His head and saying "now is not the time, my sweet daughter." And I am saying..."okay, daddy. Whatever you say." But that doesn't mean I am not going to go pout in my room."

Sometimes is takes a lonely place of prayer to fine God's will but rest in knowing His plan is perfect. Our's is not.

Have a blessed weekend!

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