Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Facing Your Fears

Gospel Reading today Mark 6:45-52
First Reading 1 John:11-18
"Courage!' he said. 'It is I. Don't be afraid!" Mark 6:50

The readings today talk about fear. Why are we always afraid? Afraid to have another baby, fearful of the baby we are carrying in our womb....will he make it to term? Will she be healthy? Fear of finances, fear of our children growing up to be lazy, addicted to drugs, pregnant out of wedlock, killed in a car wreck. Fear of our husband not providing, fear of them losing their job. Fear of cancer, fear of dying and leaving our children with no mother. Fear, fear, fear.....the list goes on. Jesus tells us to have courage and to not be afraid. He tells us over and over in the Gospel that fear does not come from Him. There is only one place fear comes from....Satan. Fear is never from the Lord. The only fear we should feel is fear of the Lord. This awe in God's presence is a most important gift of the Holy Spirit. At our Confirmation, we prayed specifically to receive this gift. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. "Fear of the Lord warms the heart, giving gladness and joy and length of days. He who fears the Lord will have a happy end even on the day of his death, he will be blessed." Sirach 1:9-11
One beautiful way in showing fear for the Lord is to take our job as mothers and wives very serious. To put our families first and to give them our lives in fear the Lord. It means you are focused on the things above and not the things of this world. You will receive abundant graces for giving your life to your family and fearing the Lord. For He gave us this family, and we are not to take this responsiblity lightly. We are raising, nurturing, loving souls that will live forever. Isn't that amazing?

So the fears not from the Lord are not worth our time. They only keep us from the light. They are shadows. When we put all of our fears in our hands and raise them up to give to God, we will feel free. When we pray our fears away, we will feel at peace. Fear keeps us from our dreams and goals of this life. Too many people keep safe behind their desk instead answering the call from the Lord. Starting our business six years ago from scratch was the scariest thing I have ever done. I will never forget my husband crying in the bathroom the morning before we opened. He was scared to death! Thank goodness this fear didn't rule our hearts and keep us from opening those doors. If they had, we wouldn't have been blessed with all of the lessons from the Lord. I take such comfort in knowing my husband is doing what he was born to do. Has it been easy? Heck no. It has been the toughest 6 years of my life. There have been times we have sat at our kitchen table with blank stares not knowing how we were going to pay our employees, much less our mortgage. Somehow, God always pulls through and provides. This has shown us to not be fearful of God's will for our lives. Step out in faith and He will always take you by the hand, provide for you, guide you, and love you every step of the way. The greatest gift he gives you through stepping out in faith is wisdom.

Had I known my son was going to have a hearing loss and that I would have to put hearing aides on him from one year of age on, I would have been so scared and worried my entire pregnancy. Who knows, I might not have even gotten pregnant if I had known how tough it would be. BUT OH MY, what I would miss if I didn't have this little light of my life. He has taught me SO much and he is only four years old! I can't imagine what else I will learn from this hard headed, hard of hearing little guy. I have learned how to help carry a cross of one of God's precious souls. In turn, my faith has grown, my heart has grown and I will never been the same....thank the Lord. Ben has changed me for the best and I am so thankful.

So whatever fears you are facing, place them in your hands and lift them up to God. Write them down and take them before the blessed sacrament. Give them away to the Lord, step out in faith and go for it! You will never know what you are missing until you face your fears and put them behind you!

Blessings to you this Wednesday.

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