Monday, November 16, 2009


Gospel reading Luke 18:35-43
"At once he was able to see, & he followed Jesus, giving thanks to God." Luke 18:43

What if today God gave us a glimpse of our purpose in life, a glimpse of our children raised, a glimpse of the lives we touch with acts of kindness, a glimpse of our funeral, a glimpse of life in heaven. More than likely we would do as the blind man did, give thanks to God and want nothing more than to follow him. This is similar to when you wake up from a bad dream of something happening to your children or husband, all that you care about is giving them a hug and giving thanks to God that it was a bad dream. We get so caught up in the little things of daily living that really do not matter and start taking things for granted. We sometimes dread the mundane days of caring for our family when there is nothing to look forward to. Like today, I am tired and I have a long day ahead of me of piling everyone in the car, going to speech therapy, then onto the donut shop and then on to speech school to drop off Ben. Then, the girls and I will brave the grocery store and by the time I get home from the store, the girls will be whining and crying. I will feed them lunch and put them down for naps. Then I will go unload the groceries and make Ben lunch for when he gets off the bus.....I will spare you the exciting details of the rest of my day ahead. But what I am going to think of today, is how blessed I am for a loving husband and three healthy children. I am going to pray for the family who's 17 year old sister backed over with a car her 1 year old brother yesterday and killed him. I am going to think of the families who have a loved one serving our country in the war. I am going to think of the families at Cooks Children's Hospital who are holding their child's hand who is sick and dying. We all have so much to be thankful for. Life is good at the moment and I am going to soak it in knowing it can change at any moment.

So today, instead of wishing your day away, embrace it. Embrace the mundane and the frustration of caring for little ones. Embrace the dirty laundry that clothes your living children. For today is a gift from heaven. How blessed we are as mothers to be in the midst of angels. These little ones in our midst can help us see the true meaning of life and their simple ways can bring us closer to Jesus and help us give thanks to God. We are given our children and husbands as a gift from God knowing they are His and He can take them from us at any moment. Embrace their presence on this sacred Monday.

Blessings to you!

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Frugal Jen said...

How appropriate for Monday. Thank you for the simple reminders each day :)