Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Gospel Reading today Luke 14:15-24

"As a child lies quietly in its mother's arms, so my heart is quiet within me." Psalms 131:2

The more I read scripture the more honored I become in my vocation of motherhood. So many times scripture compares God's love to a mother's love. I believe there is no better love to compare to the love of God than a mother's love. This is profound to me! I get so excited at the thought of God choosing us mothers to be the forefront of showing His love on earth. What more could we ask for then proof in scripture that there is no safer place for a child than in his mother's arms. This is where they feel secure and their soul is quiet. The feeling is pure peace for our children and the mother when we cradle them in our arms. Where there is peace there is God. How blessed we are as mothers to experience Heaven on earth right here in our homes and in cradling our children. What more could we ask for? We have everything! We need nothing more! No car, no shoes, no bigger home, no job can give us this abundant love and grace.

So today, find time to just hold your baby(ies) and sit in peace. Feel God's loving presence wrap around you as you wrap your loving arms around your child. As hard as motherhood can be at times, it is these moments that make it all worthwhile. Be thankful today that you get to spend every moment (good and bad) with these precious souls that have been given to us. Nothing else in life matters but being in the presence of God and living your life to serve him. I hope after reading this today, your heart is quiet within you. If not, listen to God and what he truly wants for your life. Where there is peace, there is God.

Have a blessed Tuesday!

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AnneMarie said...

the dust and laundry certainly wait..
they are only little but once..
just think.. the 5 minutes you spend (or hours for me! lol) holding your little one seems like forver for them in the short little life they have had.. it is truly a blink of an eye...