Monday, November 23, 2009


Gospel Reading Luke 21:1-4
Daniel 1:1-16
"Give us vegetables to eat and water to drink. Then see how we look...." After ten days they looked healthier and better than any of the young men who ate from the royal table. Daniel 1:12,13,15

Oh, there is so much wisdom for us in this reading. It is proof that the saying holds true..."less is more". We live our lives thinking we need more. More groceries, more clothes, more toys, more make-up, more shoes, more home, more money..... But in all actuality, when you have more, life gets MORE complicated. Just as the reading says, when you have less, you look healthier and better than the most wealthy of wealthy. Okay, maybe not in your face because of stress and struggles (and no facials and botox) but in the heart is where you look healthier. When you have less, you become free. When you have less you give more. More of your time, more of your energy, more of your money. This is one of the many examples of how ignorant our world's views are. We are told the more we have, the happier we will be. People are running around chasing more and it is quite hysterical if you look our world is this way. We are just a bunch of ignorant animals chasing our tails. To eat from the royal table, is to strive for less worldly possessions and become more rich in your heart.

I have been on a de-clutter craze. It feels so liberating to toss "things" we don't need. To look around at my little home and know we do not have much, but we have a wealth of love and happiness. Yes, I am guilty of getting so caught up in the crap (sometimes there are just no other words...) but somehow, thankfully, the Lord usually brings me back to reality that this life is short and none of the worldly possessions matter. The only way I am brought back to Heaven's perspective is through reading scripture and prayer. Being spiritually fit helps you to be grateful for what you have. I have noticed that if I have less snacks and junk food, life around the Cooper home isn't so complicated and the kids eat their meal that I provide because they are hungry and not full on snacks. I find not having a budget for a large grocery bill helps us to eat healthier and better.....we feast on fresh fruit, vegetables and a meat source. Less money equals a simple menu and a healthier diet. And yes, again, I am guilty of running through the fast food line just trying to scramble to feed my screaming kids! But the gist of the story is, be thankful if you have less. And if you are blessed financially don't let anybody know and continue to live a humble and simple life. In turn, your children will be better off. The less we give our children, the more room there will be in their hearts for love and joy.

So today, look around and try to simplify your life as best as you can. Your children do not NEED to be in 5 different activities. They don't need the latest gadget, toy, or cell phone for crying out loud...what they have is sufficient. The more simple your life will be, the better off your family will be.

I am headed to my family's ranch on Wednesday and it is hard to get to the Barn where the lone computer resides. So I will post a few this week and start back up full swing the following Wednesday. Blessings to you this Monday and the motto is this week....JUST BE THANKFUL for what you have.


ek said...

Amen! I say, Amen! Beautiful post, Kim! We are constantly in that de-clutter craze. This is the perfect message this morning as Sean and I were just discussing last night how we both long for our first tiny house where the two of us barely fit! How liberating that was! We continue to work towards creating a simpler life for C, so she will understand that her riches are not of this earth, but are being stored up for her in heaven!

Frugal Jen said...

Wonderful post! Happy Birthday Kim!