Monday, November 9, 2009


Gospel Reading John 2:13-22
"My devotion to your house, oh God, burns in me like a fire." John 2:17

As mothers and wives, this is how we should feel about our Domestic Church, our home. Our homes should be our first and foremost priority after our husband and children. As Jesus showed a form of anger in this gospel reading of people who were selling livestock in the temple, we should show this anger if anything but goodness enters our homes. Us mothers need to have eyes like a hawk swarming our home to make sure evil does not enter. TV (and I get lazy with this) should be monitored constantly, if you have older kids the computer should be right in front of you at all times, anyone who enters need to get a feeling that they have entered into a holy place by seeing images of Jesus or Mary displayed somewhere in your home. Our domestic churches are our holy dwelling place. As mothers and wives, we should be honored to care for such a beautiful and holy place given to us by our Lord. This is where the love in our marriages is nurtured and cared for, this is where our children's souls and personalities are shaped and formed, this is where we welcome the communion of saints....our friends, our neighbors, our loved ones who have past, all of the angels and saints....our home is a dwelling place of heaven on earth for our families and others.

If you think about it, people are always trying to get home. At 5:00, the roads are packed with cars of people trying to get home, when you are out and about at the grocery store, picking up kids from school, you are always on your pathway back home. I am 32 years old and when I walk into the home I grew up in, tears well up in my eyes. It might be one of the very best feelings I have in this life. Going home. I just got back from a rushed weekend of spending most of my time in the car with crying kids and as I got home, I took a deep breath and was so thankful to be home. Our domestic Church is where Christ dwells and wraps his arms around us when we are tired & anxious. This holy place is where our children are happiest. As little ones, they truly don't long to be anywhere else then with their mother in their homes.

So today, as you are wrestling little ones, breaking up fights, giving out sippy cups, nursing a hungry little baby, rest in the arms of Jesus. For you are at home with Him. You are in the holiest place you could be here on earth.....holier than the Basilica in Rome. For souls are developing in your care ....the same souls that Christ created in your womb and the same souls He longs to have for Eternity. You are blessed......Holy is your family and Holy is your dwelling place on earth. So you have every right to burn with fire for your home and become angry if anything enters your home that is nothing short of good.

St. Michael Archangel, stand guard at the doors of our Domestic Churches. Do not let evil in. Keep us safe and joyful as we care for our sacred homes and families. Amen.

Have a blessed Monday. Take good care of your sweet little dwelling place.....whether large or are in the presence of Heaven and your home is stunning in the eyes of the angels.

The Domestic Church-Room by Room written by Donna Marie Cooper O'Boyle is a great book....FYI.

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Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

I was reasding your beautiful post, Kim and planned to comment and say "Beautifully said!" And then I got to the end and was surprised to see the mention of my book! I'm glad that you are enjoying it!

God bless and hugs,