Thursday, May 20, 2010


Gospel Reading today:
"I pray that they will all be one. Father! May they be in us, just as you are in me and I am in you." John 17:21

Yesterday, my three children and I were all at "each other's throats"! They were driving me nuts and I probably was driving them nuts. As I was looking in the mirror, yesterday morning, trying to brush my hair, all three were at my feet crying for something different. (This was after several sibling fights, pushes and screams.) I was looking at myself praying that I would not lose it. I was asking God for mortification of my senses. As I was being whipped by cries and whines, I ask God to help me not to turn to anger. These are the excruciating moments of motherhood that nobody (especially our husbands) do not understand. These are the moments where under my breath I say, "I just want to give up" and I won't repeat the other phrase I say under my breath from time to time. There are some days when this happens that I really can not believe that this is my daily life. Daily living of someone constantly nagging me for something. Literally, for sixteen hours yesterday (minus a twenty minute rest time), I had a little soul under the age of five asking me for something. This will make any body in their right mind in a bad mood!

So yesterday afternoon I was having a beer with my husband while the kids played at Central Market, and he made the comment how grouchy I had been all day. I asked him if I was allowed to have one grouchy day every once in awhile. He said, "when you are stressed, the whole family is stressed." This is proof of the saying, "When Mama's not happy, ain't nobody happy!". I read today's gospel and thought about yesterday. We have the Holy Spirit constantly dwelling in our soul. That same Holy Spirit that descended upon the apostles resides in us! In recognizing that, everything looks differently. Had I pondered on that yesterday, I might have asked for Joy from the Lord, as I was in dire need of some joy. I could have turned this bumby ship around but instead we kept heading into the storm. This is a great reminder for us mothers to call constantly upon the Lord all through the day. For we are the heart of the home, and if we do not abide in God and He abide in us, we will not perform our best in this duty of Motherhood. If I had turned to little forms of prayer throughout the day yesterday, I would have been given a Holy Spirit driven Attitude Adjustment! If we abide in the Lord, we will be given stregnth to get through the moments of Sanctification. The beauty through all of this, is through hard days, we grow in our faith. I have a new outlook for this day all because of yesterday. Thankfully, we are given a clean slate everyday from our Father to start fresh. In motherhood, especially, this is a glorious thing! Remember today, with whatever you are going through, that the Holy Spirit rests in you. With that thought, you can conquer anything! The same One who rose Christ from the dead is at work in you! All of this is the exact reason Motherhood is our ticket to Heaven....for it makes us fall to our knees in prayer and strengthens our faith! Where we would our souls be if we hadn't experienced Motherhood?

Blessings to you this Thursday!

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