Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Findng Christ in our Homes this Christmas

Today's Gospel Reading Luke 7:18-23
"'Are you "He Who is to come" or are we to expect someone else?' When the men came to Him they said, 'John the Baptizer sends us to You with this question: Are you "He who is to come?'" Luke 7:19-20

I am late writing this morning, because my son got up extra early as I was about to start writing (usually around 6am). Instead of putting him in front of the TV, I had to live the gospel of what I was about to write on. And that was not looking past our home and our children to find Christ. Yes, there are others outside our home we can find Christ in...our lonely neighbor, the sick, the poor. But first, we have to find Christ in our our children and our husband. Ben wanted to talk this morning so we sat on the floor and talked about Santa Clause and Christmas Eve. Then I preceded to work with him with speech by playing and pronouncing different words. Then we played cowboy restaurant and he ate a huge breakfast! I feel overjoyed by the time I had with my sweet Ben this morning. So needless, to say, we were Christ for each other today. I didn't look past my son to the computer. I looked at what was before me at the present moment.

I think this advent season, that is what we have to do as mothers. Stop worrying and fretting over giving baked goodies to the neighbors while are children are put on the back burner. There will come a day when they are off at college or clear across the world for that matter, and we will long for the days of sitting on the floor and talking about Santa Clause. We will yearn for their little voices singing Jingle Bells and the kitchen a wreck from trying to bake cookies for the cookie jar. With everything in life there is a time and season. Enjoy this season of your life of seeing Christ this Christmas in the eyes of your family. There will come a time in the future when you are called to tend to the needs of others outside of you home, but this year just take a deep breath and enjoy and be generous in giving your time and love to the ones in need under your roof.

Have a blessed Wednesday!

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