Monday, December 14, 2009

The Authority of Heaven and the Authority of our Homes

Today's Gospel Reading Mathew 21:23-27
"And Jesus said to them, 'Neither will I tell you, then, by what right I do these things."

I had to read this gospel a couple of times before my thoughts came to me on what I was going to write about this morning. The gospel today talks about Jesus' authority and how the cheif priests and elders came to him and asked what right he had in teaching such things. I believe this is similar to the problem we have in our world today in parenting. Not that I know much in parenting, I am sure that I am doing most everything wrong, but I do know what I was taught from my mother and father is invaluable in my parenting today. When I was home over Thanksgiving, my Dad and I had a discussion regarding children having too many "rights" today. His theory is "children have no rights" (in a good in loving home ofcourse). I love the teachings my Dad shares with me while I mother my children in his presence. My Father is a wise and noble man. Everything he tells me I take to heart and cherish as great wisdom. He also suggests that I don't ask my children what they want to eat, do, etc., I TELL them what they are going to eat or do. So I link the teachings of my father today to the teachings of Jesus in the Gospel. As children of God, we really don't have any "rights" under His authority. Yes, He gives us free will but we really don't have the right to buck his teachings just because He gives us free will. Do we have the right to treat others unjustly because of free will? Do we have the right to be arrogant and greedy because of free will? No! We are under HIS authority and we are to honor Him in everthing we do. Same goes with parenting, our children do not have the right to have anything they want or make "decisions" for what is best for them. They are under our authority and we always know what is best for them just as Jesus knows what is best for us. Something that stuck with me that a Priest once said, is that we might not agree with the teachings of the church, the authority of our faith, but our disagreement is similar to a young college student that just left home. Yes, he knows deep down what is right from wrong, but sometimes he has to venture out to realize internally that the teachings from his parents are teachings of truth and reason. He "bucks" the system for awhile, but eventually comes back to his former teachings from home. For his parents are wiser and more experienced, just as the church is a bit wiser and more experienced than us. This can be a powerful teaching tool for us mothers to stand firm in the foundation of our family and to not get lazy in our mothering. To always stand up for what is true, right, honorable, noble, just.....and someday if one of our children ventures away for awhile, hopefully she will come back to the firm foundation that she was given.

So today, as your children are wanting to have their rights, just remember, you know what is best for them. For you are wiser and more experienced. What I have to keep in mind daily, is to not let my children rule our lives and our home. I am their authority. They are to do as their mother says...period! Let Jesus be our guide....gentle and humble in spirit but wise beyond all understanding.

Have a blessed Monday!

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