Thursday, October 8, 2009


Gospel Reading today Luke 11:5-13:

"Ask and you will recieve; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened unto you." Luke 11:9

"Jesus teaches that we shoukd not only ask God our loving Father for what we and others need, we should also nag him about it. Asking, seeking and knocking are basic to a Christian life and spirituality." Mitch Finley, Living Faith Catholic Devotional

When I read this this morning, I immediately thought of the life of a mother. The constant nagging we hear throughout each day of little toddlers or crying babies. When my baby, Anna Claire, won't stop crying in the middle of the night, I give in and warm her a bottle....mainly because I want her to hush up so I can go back to sleep. Or if I am at the kitchen sink and my son is nagging at me, asking for another "big milk" (which is his pacifier for when he is tired), I finally give in and give him the fourth sippy cup of milk for crying out loud! (Did you know there is a limit to milk you should give your child each day? Who would have ever thought, but it is true!). So, I believe if we are told if we continue to seek, knock, pound the door, we will recieve and our prayers will be answered.

However, there are times where the Holy Spirit is at work in you when you do not get the answer you have been asking for. So I believe, when you don't recieve the answer immediately, try to be at peace knowing the Lord is at great work in you and remember He always knows best. Just like when your child is nagging at you for more candy or for more TV and you know it is not best for him/her, you will not give in and grant him his request. (okay, maybe if you are sleep deprived or sick or just losing your mind you will give in!)

So we have a lot to learn from these little ones under our feet. The next time your child is nagging you for something, let that be a reminder to continue nagging our Lord for your needs and requests. Our children are truly wonderful "tools" in helping us grow spiritually in our daily walk with the Lord.

Have a blessed Thursday! Keep knocking!


AnneMarie said...

thanks, Kim, for your tireless and unending help :)

Kim Venneman Cooper said...

Thank you for being such an amazing example to all who know you. You are one of the most joyfully moms I have ever met. I am glad you enjoy the daily reflections.... Miss you guys...