Friday, October 30, 2009


Gospel Reading for today Luke 14:1-6
First reading Romans 9:15
Psalm 147:12-15, 19-20

"Does our Law allow healing on the Sabbath or not?" Luke 14:3
"If any one of you had a son or an ox that happened to fall in a well on a sabbath, would you not pull him out at once on the Sabbath itself?" Luke:14:5

This gospel reading reminded me of all of the "rules" in mothering our children and life in general. Jesus is telling us in the gospel that sometimes you have to use common sense or your instinct instead of being so absorbed in the rules. Our society has their nose in a book more than they have a voice. There are so many rules on how to best "parent" your child, but what I have found (not that I know much) is you just have to use what works best for your family. Last night my middle child, Clementine (2.5), likes to have her back scratched while she falls asleep. I know I need to nip that one in the bud, but as I layed their scratching her back and watching her fall asleep feeling safe, I thought to myself that that is our make our children feel safe and loved. She will grow up faster than I want her to so just enjoying the moment of watching my sweet little 2 year fall asleep is okay. We need to stop worry so much about what the books say and just use our instinct.

Some mothers don't mind leaving their children in the hands of someone else while they go and work outside the home, but the mothers who yearn to be at home with their children and be their first teacher, forget the rules and what the world says you should do. Give up all of the materialistic garbage or selfish desires that is forcing you to leave your child and go with your instinct. We are inundated with rules, opinions, worldly views and sometimes you have to go to the core of your soul and find out what is best for you and your family. This is just one example of how women are being ruled by man made regulations and Jesus is telling us in the gospel that you have to not be so absorbed with the rules that you let something so important "go".

So today, I hope you feel a little more free after you read this. Let it go! Let all of those darn rules and opinions of what you "should be doing" fly out the window. God gives us women an amazing intuition so let's use it!

Have a blessed Friday and a Happy Halloween!

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Frugal Jen said...

How do you say exactly what we need to hear? I was talking with a friend about your blog.

Thank you for sharing and expressing what so many of us "moms" think but don't say.