Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Gospel Reading for today: Luke 12:39-48
"For who, then, is my faithful and wise servant?" Luke 12:42

We are reminded in the gospel today of being a faithful servant to God. I listened to a very powerful sermon from Father Barron at in regards to being a faithful servant. He asks the question "Of whom do you serve?". He opened my eyes to the reality of whatever we are serving each day, we should be serving God with all of our heart. For us mothers, we can get caught up in focusing on serving our family only instead of serving God through serving our family. So as I scrambled the eggs this morning, I thought to myself I am serving God by feeding my family. As I have already broken up many fights between my 2 &4 year old this morning (is it only 8:30am?), I was reminding myself that I was serving God by disciplining my children.

Another thought that came to me as I was meditating on the gospel while my children were performing a puppet show at 7:00 AM, is we are on God's time watch. Just as an employee is on the clock and being payed by the employer for the work they do, we are all on God's time watch and will be paid for the work we do for Him. I think a huge problem in our society today is the disrespect of the employer. So many are sitting at their desks all day surfing the web and not doing their job. But the minute their employer walks through the door, they frantically minimize what they were reading and click on the screen that looks like they are working. Same is happening in the home. It is way too easy to surf the web while your children are watching TV and while there are many chores to be done. In the daily mundane of being a mother and a homemaker, it is all too easy to get sidetracked by surfing the web for hours. The saying of "everything in moderation" holds true in this circumstance. A little surfing the web through the day is fine but do not become a slave to it. If Jesus walked through my door as I was looking at while my children were in front of the TV or crying in the other room, I don't think He would be too pleased. Just as an employer would not be happy that she was paying this person a salary to surf the web all day. It is so disrespectful what is happening today. Jesus knows our every move and we have to be fearful of that. Fear of God is a good thing.....that means you want to live your life to please Him and that you hold the greatest respect for Him. We need to be ready for Him to walk in the door at any moment in our day. And if we are serving him joyfully by serving our family, the very task He has given us, we will be ready to meet Him.

Have a blessed day and as you are doing the mundane tasks of motherhood and caring for your home today, remember these tasks are holy because they have been given to you by Jesus himself. You are climbing the corporate ladder of heaven by being watchful and attentive.

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