Wednesday, September 9, 2009


First Reading in Mass today:
"Think of what is above, and not of what is on earth." Colossians 3:2

This is one of my very favorite verses when it comes to life in general. It is so hard not to focus on earhly "things" and matters, however, St. Paul reminds us to live your life for what is above, not of what is on earth. In the never ending task of motherhood, try thinking of this verse in the different courses of the day. What is tempory and what is eternal? The souls under your roof is the most eternal task at hand and then after that, are the souls you encounter each day outside your home. The dirty garage, milk-stained couch, stressful job, small closet of old clothes, empty bank account, empty make-up bag, dirty hair, tired eyes, unsorted laundry are all things of the earth. If you are taking care of your soul and all of the souls of your home, everything else will somehow work out. A friend once said, "you don't see a Uhaul attached to a hurst". There is so much truth and wisdom to that saying. What are your thoughts and efforts working towards each day? The things above or the things of this earth? As mothers, your work is eternal. Your daily sacrifices hidden in the walls of your home might go unnoticed here on earth, but because your works are hidden they are ever more beautiful to God. Living for your family and the souls that have been entrusted to you is living for the things above.

Today, as you have those moments of worry or fustration, try to think if they are temporary or eternal and then rest in the peace of God. Don't spend your efforts trying to pack the Uhaul and working for materialic or trivial things, but spend your efforts nurturing and caring for the eternal aspects of your life.....your family.... and everything else will work itself out. Life is short, we are here to die, so live your life like you are dying.

God Bless your Wednesday!

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