Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Working without Pay....or praises for that matter!

Gospel Reading Mathew 10:1-7
"You have received without paying, so give without being paid." Mathew 10:8

Jesus told His disciples this very verse, which is stated above. In regards to motherhood, we are given these children at no cost. All we did was give ourselves to God for Him to create in us, with the union of our husband, a most perfect gift and a soul that will live forever into Eternity. How many of us after a time being, want to be paid for this hard work? Maybe not in cash (that wouldn't be so bad), but in praises & acknowledgment. How many of us have said, "my husband doesn't have a clue what I do everyday!" How many mothers are leaving these priceless gifts to actually be paid because the work of raising souls for eternity isn't sufficient enough for them? They choose a pay check over caring for every need of their most perfect gift. Instead they pay someone else to do the job.

In Medjugorje, I felt the need through prayer to speak truth. Truth is hard to hear, but someone has to speak up because this world is becoming deaf mute. People just say what everyone wants to hear. Motherhood is the very key to the salvation of the world. "The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world." Mothers have more power in the world inside their homes raising children then behind a desk as CEO of a company. The tough, no frills kind of women that choose to take care of their family first and foremost are the women that are on the frontlines of this war of society vs. Heaven. There is no more important task this very moment then you caring for your husband, children and home the very best you can. In doing this, you are allowing God to work His greatest miracles through your hands.

So today, stop the nonsense of needing compliments and praises from others (especially our husbands), for the Holy work you do. In the end, it is going to be you and Jesus face to face. At that point, no compliments were necessary from others here on earth. He will no every single act of your service you did on earth. Are you going to be able to look Him in the eye as you gaze down upon your children and husband on earth and say you gave it your all. Will He say He is proud of you for your humble service of laying down your life for others? That you lost your life to save others by not recieivng money and praises for your work on earth?

Let it begin today....let your willing smile and joyful servant's heart beam with love and gratitude for all that you have been given. Every ounce of work you do today and everyday for your family is holy.

Our Blessed Mother Mary is a powerful prayer warrior for families. It is up to the family to bring society back to the heart of life and Christianity. There is all the confusion in the noncatholic world about Mary. The most simple way to put it is asking Mother Mary to pray for you is just like asking a friend to pray for you, the only difference is that she is Jesus' mother and Queen of Heaven. I have noticed through her prayers to her Son for me as a mother, she is helping strip the distractions of my job away. I don't think it is coincidence that my email is unfixable at the moment and now my new computer has been taken away. Through this, I have found an unbelievable peace in my heart and in my home. My children are happier and more joyful and I find more time for prayer and important tasks around the home. The only reason I need a computer is to write this blog and to pay bills. I honestly don't know if or when I will bring back "the world" into my home. For now until I get a new computer, I will be writing on Wednesdays only. For those of you who are consumed with facebook, blogging, email...take a step back and evaluate how much time you are on the computer. This is valuable time to be focusing on the true, most important task at hand and instead the time is wasting away looking at other peoples lives, pictures, nonsense that one will find on facebook. Do as you will, but just be aware.

Before I leave, I want to share with you a message that was given by Our Blessed Mother to the world on July 31, 1989. Her messages are for the entire world....people of all religions as God loves each and every soul on earth. She is appearing on earth to bring people closer to her son. In a world that has forgotten about Jesus, she is a loving mother that desires for no one to forget what her son did for us on earth and remind us of His endless love and mercy. The following message is in regards to the family:
"Dear Children, tonight especially I would like to invite all the parents in the world to find time for their children and family. May they offer love to their children. May this love that they offer be parental and Motherly love. Once again, dear children, I call you to family prayer. During one of the previous encounters your MOther asked you to renew the family prayer. I ask that again tonight."

With family prayer, you can start by saying an extra prayer at the dinner table. Also, instead of watching TV, hold hands and say some prayers as a family. For those of you who are Catholic, pray a decade of the rosary. Easier said then done, but we are slowly working on it here at our house. You will see abundant blessings and graces if you have family prayer.

To learn more about the messages of Medjugorje, go to

Blessings to you this Wednesday!

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