Friday, July 9, 2010


This picture was taken on top of Apparition Hill where the Blessed Mother first started apearing to the six visionaries.  The village of Medjugorje from this view was breathtaking.  Climbing the hill was very difficult as you can see the path (below) was very rocky.  Many people climbing where elderly or half crippled.
This was a picture at the international Mass that
took place every evening outside of St. James church.  Thousands of people of different faiths, hundreds of priests, beautiful music and the Holy Spirit so present that tears would stream down my eyes.  I am crying just thinking about it now. It was truly a "CATHOLIC" (which means universal) mass.This place is truly Heaven on earth.

The "Medjugorje Girls"
Michele (far left) had just found out she was pregnant with her fourth a week before we left for our trip!   My sister Holly, a homeschool mother of three, Christy is a mother of four boys and there there is me. What an amazing group of women.....we are so blessed to know one another and share in the same Faith and love and passion for motherhood.  We will forever be bonded after experiencing this life-changing event together.

 Cross mountain....took us 4 hours to climb the third day.  It was amazing! The last day we were there, Holly and Christy climbed Cross mountain again.  Holly is a runner and ran up the very rocky mountain.  This is the two of them in prayer after they arrived to the top.
We definitely had some fun too!  Below are a few evenings we cut loose a little bit.  Everything in moderation ofcourse! :)

 .....we celebrated an amazing day with a cold one! (and man did it taste good!)
Celebrating Christy's birthday outside our hotel overlooking the vineyards & mountains with a glass (or few) of the local wine. 

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