Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Short Life on Earth.....could end tomorrow. What would you change about your life?

First Reading today Wisdom 3:1-9
"In the eyes of the foolish they seemed to have died, and their departure was thought to be an affliction, and their going from us to be their destruction; but they are at peace." Wisdom 3:2-3

Today we are reminded in the book of wisdom that the greatest day of our life is the day we die.  We look at death as scary or unfortunate when in all actuality it is the beginning of our life. A friend of mine yesterday was delivering a meal to a young family who lost her husband/father at the age of 37 last week.  He died in his sleep of an anurism.  She said it was such reality of death when she pulled up to see his car parked in the driveway, his keys on the table and his shoes by the door.  She was reminded that when you leave this world you take nothing.....absolutely nothing.  Even though we all know this, it is a good reminder from time to time of what this life is truly for.  We run around day after day chasing our tails....worried about silly things and putting our thoughts towards things that truly DON"T matter in life.  Lately I have been consumed with the children's bedrooms.....where this new baby will sleep, what frilly bedding I am going to get my girls, ya-da,ya-da, ya-da.  Even though it is fun to think of these things and decorate our homes, etc., it is crucial that we continue to not dwell on these silly mind-blowing things of the world and keep a clear perspective.  This morning as I said my prayers, I thought to myself....."what truly matters in life?  If I knew I was to die tomorrow, what are the things I would change about my life as of right now?"  This is a brilliant question to ask yourself periodically to keep things in perspective and to discern God's Will for you and your family.  Lately, I have been really focused on praying for God's Will for our lives.  His Will is so much more than we can even ask for or dream of, yet, we tend to not let go of fear and choose our will instead. 

I just returned from a wonderful weekend at my family's ranch.  I am convinced that all that matters in life is being with family and perserving faith and heritage.  However, as much as I want to pack up tomorrow and move back to the land my family has been living on for the past 100 years, I am reminded that we are at the perfect place at the perfect time right now in God's design.  I am reminded that we think we are strictly here for our business and to make a living, but in Heaven's eyes it is a much different design.  We might be at the place we are right now in our lives for the 10 year old little girl across the street who is living with her Grandma because her mom was thrown into jail.  She knows nothing about Jesus or family life and we might be her only glimpse of hope at this moment in her life. Or we might be at the place we are right now because one employee gets a glimpse of the cross and picture of the Blessed Mother hanging in our bakery and yearns to come to know Jesus.  We don't know.....but all we do know is that life is short and if we are living for the things of the world, we might as well just pack up and go "home" now.  This is worthless living.  But if we are living for the Kingdom and seeing each and every day as value for Heaven's sake, then we are doing our job we came here to do on earth.  To live for Jesus and Jesus alone. 

So whereever you are in your life right now, take an evaluation.  What are you and your husband truly living for?  The next big break, raise, promotion, million dollar ticket?  Or are you living how and where God has truly called you to live?  If you knew you had two months to live, how would you change the direction of your life?  I am going to ponder on that one today.......
On another note, what beautiful intercessors we have in Heaven.....all of our loved ones who have gone before us.  Let us remember our dear loved ones today and all they did for us and taught us. Learn from them!  Also, GO VOTE!  This election is crucial in the state of our  nation.  It is our duty as a christian to vote today for the sake of our nation and our families.  Repulicans are in the light and Democrats are clearly taking a path of darkness.  VOTE FOR THE LIGHT.....the only hope we have for our Nation.

The Blessed Mother gives messages for the World on the 2nd and 25th of each month.  These messages are to bring our world back to her son.....this is the reason for her appartions.  These messages are for all faiths and religions.

Today's message, November 2, 2010:
“Dear children! With Motherly perseverance and love I am bringing you the light of life to destroy the darkness of death in you. Do not reject me, my children. Stop and look within yourselves and see how sinful you are. Be aware of your sins and pray for forgiveness. My children, you do not desire to accept that you are weak and little, but you can be strong and great by doing God’s will. Give me your cleansed hearts that I may illuminate them with the light of life, my Son. Thank You.”


Becky said...

Thank you for the beautiful post. It's a great way to start the day! May God bless you in all your efforts here.

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