Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Less Glamorous, the more Holy!

Gospel Reading today Luke 13:22-30
"Strive to enter by the narrow door; for many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able. And behold, some are last who will be first, and some are first who will be last."

If you were in line to meet God with hundreds of others, where do you believe you would fall in place.  Towards the front or the back?  Say you were next to a woman from NYC who was outfitted straight from Barney's with a very high paying job, a high rise in Manhattan and a vacation home in Paris.  She had children but had her beloved "Nanny" who took care of them most of the time.  Then you were next to a mother who lived a very simple humble life.  She worked day in and day out to care for her family, exhausted by the end of the day.  She worked tirelessly for the sake of others and didn't yearn to feed her soul with the things of the world but with the things from above.  She focused her days on changing diapers, sweeping floors, doing dishes, putting up laundry, taking kids to school or schooling them herself, taking a loaf of bread to the neighbors and preparing meals to feed her flock.  She would sit for a few moments throughout the day to recharge her batteries through prayer, simple prayers...such as "Lord, give me strength to do my best this day to serve my family." Then on the otherside, you have a single mother who works two jobs to provide her children with food, shelter and clothing.  She doesn't have an ounce of energy left at the end of the day after providing and caring for her family and home.  She falls to her knees at night and begs the Lord to somehow provide with her little income.  All through the day, she is lifting up "cries of the poor and hopeless" while trying to raise good children in this corrupt world.   

No matter where you fall in line, the most important thing to remember is that we have ONE audience that we should be working for.  Some choose to work for the audience of society while others work for the audience of Heaven.  And the women who provide the basic needs for their family, they can't even think about what audience they are working for...they are just trying to survive.  However, their works are being lifted to the highest calling...taking care of the family.  The ones who choose to work for society, family is put on the back burner.  This is a very dangerous choice, for family is the vital cell of society.  If the family is put on the back burner, so is Heaven and the souls that are to be prepared for eternal life.  Lately, I have been thinking alot about hard work.  Hard work is from God.  Doesn't feel so good when you fall into bed at night after putting in a day of honest, hard work?  This is being lost in today's society.  The goal of most people is how much less can I work for more pay?  This is one of the MANY downfalls of our society in the current times.  No body want to work hard!  Women are leaving the home and their children in the care of others because it is just too hard!  College graduates refuse to take minimum wage jobs to slowly work their way up because they "de-serve" a high paying career, bi golly!  No body wants to do the nitty-gritty, "no-frills" work when in all actuality that is where the keys are to the Kingdom of God.  It is in the tough, hard work, no praise, exhausting duties that our salvation depends on.  So, therefore moms, roll up your sleeves, get tough and embrace the "hard as hell" work that we do day in and day out.  Don't look for thumbs up and pats on the back because the only audience that matters clearly see every move you make.  And when you are standing in that line someday, are you going to be rewarded for the frilly days of life or the dog days of life? Look to the women of the past and how hard they worked and find encouragement through their lives.  Most days they worked hard to put food on the table.....from gathering eggs, to catching a chicken to kill and prepare for supper that night (my grandmother did this!), to washing clothes by hand, to cleaning their homes THEMSELVES, to raising kids.  They were tough and you didn't hear any whines and cries from them.  They did what they had to do.

So today, take a look around at what you do daily and see where you fall into line.  Are you searching for the easy way out or are you rolling up your sleeves and doing as society sees as the "dirty work"of homemaking/child rearing.  It is not glamorous by no means but rejoice that it is not glamorous....that means you are climbing the "Corporate Ladder" of Heaven.  The less glamorous, the more Holy!

Blessings to you this Wednesday!

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