Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Apple All Day Keeps the Doctor Away...

There is a fruit that is contaminating society because of "over-consumption".  It's called the Apple. It is an apple that already has a bite taken out of it.  Have you ever noticed the symbol on the back of your IPhone, Ipad or laptop? Call it coincidence or not, it might just be a sign of the times that we are living in.....maybe that very same apple in the Garden of Eden is in today's modern society. The apple that Eve took a bite out of birthed sin.  And here we are today, thousands of years later, with the same issue.  Too many forbidden apples dangling from the tree at our disposal 24 hours a day 7 days a week which is causing addiction in many forms. When we think of addiction and the computer, we first think of pornography. However, a more suttle addiction is happening that we might not be aware of or want to admit. It is called the "phone addiction". People are obsessed! Whether it is an addiction of constantly checking email, facebook or useless texting throughout the day while mothering children, running your business or laying down for a rest, the apple is taking away any type of conversation with God.  Instead of turning to prayer, we are turning to the apple all through the day.  It is causing a sickness in our society and it is keeping our spiritual doctor away. This addiction is happening to everyone from the youth, to mothers, to fathers, to priests. I walked into confession today with three of my children to find a priest on his IPhone waiting for the next confessor.  I knew right then and there we are under attack.  Technology is taking our souls away from the most important food for our souls which is prayer & Our Heavenly Father.

I had this revelation early one morning this past month when I was sitting in the dark drinking my coffee and praying while my husband was working on his laptop.  The only light in the room was a glowing apple with a bite taken out of it and it hit me like a ton of bricks!  This fruit is not bad when eaten in moderation but our society is obsessed with this fruit.  We are over eating it to the point we leave no room for any spiritual nourishment. While other retail stores are suffering or shutting their doors, the Apple store is is by far the busiest store in a shopping center or on the streets.  I just heard on the news that the Apple Company has more cash than the US Government.  Scary! Some of you might think this is all "a bit too much" but I just want to make people, especially mothers, aware of this hidden addiction in our midst.  We are becoming so numb that we don't know what is directly in front of us.  I read a story the other day about the thought if someone came into our time from the late 1800's what they would be thinking and wondering as they watched people walk by with this device in their hands that they treated like their God. Something to think about..... If everyone spent half the time in prayer as they do with their phones, this world we completely different place.

After this revelation, I am praying that the Holy Spirit will enlighten my mind to more revelations that are going unnoticed. I use to be that person that constantly checked my phone. After giving it up for lent, I realized it caused too much "noise" throughout my day and that I was a bit addicted. I didn't want my children to see me texting, talking or emailing all day...because we are their first teachers and they "learn from the best".  Since I have de-technologized my life, I am finding such peace praying throughout the day and being present to my children.  It is when we are present each day to God's gifts right in front of us that Heaven speaks and sends abundant graces.  So put away for awhile your Iphone or whatever technology that sucks you away from what is important and see how God speaks into your lives.  He just wants us to love Him, talk to Him, honor Him but with the apple in our faces all day every day, there leaves no room for Our Father. And a society who leaves no room for God will sooner than later be no more. begins in the home.  Eat the apple in moderation.....don't let it eat you up.

Blessings to you!

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