Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The World Can Wait, Your Family Can't!

Gospel Reading today Mathew 19:23-30
"But many that are first will be last, and the last will be first."  Mathew 19:39

This morning as I watched the sun rise and was meditating on the Sorrowful Mysteries of the rosary (the Passion of Christ) tears streamed down my face.  To think of what Jesus went through for us and to see our disgusting soceity and how so many have forgotten what Christ did for our sake.  Mothers are killing babies inside their wombs, couples are disregarding the sacrement of marriage and the holiness of two bodies becoming one, people are living for the things of this world by obsessing about possessions and status, parents are disregarding their most important job on earth....raising children....the greatest gift given to them by God himself.  Me, me, me...."What is in it for me?" is the question this society is constantly asking. Where has society gone wrong?  I once heard it said that Satan's work is slow rotting.  He has slowly rotten away the very core of society. 

I truly believe we are living in very urgent times.  It is up to our generation to change hearts and minds back to Christ.  It starts in the heart of the home.  Mothers, by giving our lives to our family and focused on the most important job at hand, raising disciples for Christ, is truly or greatest work we can do for the Kingdom. By fathers loving their wives and working diligently and hard to provide for the family can help witness to our children strong work ethic and devotion to family.  For husbands and wives to be open to life and not be selfish in their thinking..."with two we can travel and have more finances available"....ya da ya da ya da...the lies of Satan of why we shouldn't be open to more life.  Nothing else is eternal that we do on earth.....the ONLY tangible work that is eternal is giving life.  Children are the greatest gift we have on earth.  Anymore, a family is considered CRAZY if they have more than three.  You can't even imagine the comments I have already received by being pregant with my fourth.  This is so sad to me.  I even received a "joking card" from my sister-in-law saying that we were white trash.  As humerous as she thought it was, this is how society views bringing more life into the world.  We are so excited for our fourth but it is so disappointing how I have already felt the stings of satan through this anti-life world.

We mothers have to realize the power we have from God in saving this corrupt world.  Through our daily work of shaping and molding souls for eternity and the mundane tasks of keeping our homes orderly and holy will help the whole world turn around.  By offering prayers up throughout the day...simple prayers, one liners can help in the Master Plan of this world.  Pope John Paul said, "The family is the vital cell of society".....what more do we need to know about the importance of marriage, motherhood, and homemaking? Satan is sly and smart...he knows what he is doing.  He took women out of the home to create chaos and havoc in society by luring them into worldy success and fullfillment.  Now, parents aren't around body or mind when their children are at home.  The women are stressed, running around trying to be all and do all....bring in a salary, cook, care for the home....in turn this leaves the heart of the family frazzled and stressed.  And we all know when mama is stressed and frazzled, the home and family are the same.

So today, ignore this noisy society that states, "What do you do? Oh, you JUST stay at home?" And if you have a career, try finding balance. Always keep centered in your mind that your family and home are the MOST important tasks at hand.  Get rid of distractions!  All of the extra phone calls, emails, outside influence, activites....get rid of them!  Just tell people you don't have any extra time in this season of your life.  Your plate is full trying to balance work, home and family.  If you seem out of touch with friends, they will understand.  If they don't, you don't need them as friends anyway!  I feel overwhelmed at the time being strictly giving my whole mind and body  to my husband, three toddlers and a little one in my womb on top of caring for our home.  I am not worried about anything outside this task.  Friends who I don't talk to for awhile will just have to understand.  Emails that go un-answered....sorry! :) The outside world can wait, my family can't. 

Okay, off to have a cup of coffee with my sweet husband.  Have a blessed Tuesday!


Becky said...

This was a very inspiring post! I love the boldness... I shared it with many other Catholic Moms, and just wanted to say thank you. It's good to know we are not alone. God bless you.

Kim Venneman Cooper said...

Thank you for your encouragement, Becky. We are called to speak truth, especially during these uncertain times. Thanks for passing it along! God bless you and the work you do as a mother.